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Convert Youtube Videos to Mp3 zippy fast

Aug 16, 2014 0 comments

 Most of the time when I read youtube comments, I see at least few people asking for the name of the song  if the youtube video they're watching has some kind of music playing in the background. Old school way, I would rather let my android phone hear the tune and let it find me the details on the song am listening to. And then comes another scenario where I just want to save the tune to my hard drive for later listening. Youtube has tons of great musics in it and I used to download video, rip music and save it for listening. That took a great deal of time and effort compared to what these sites now a days can do. I came across few sites which would let you convert any youtube video to mp3 just like that but some of them have limitation like 20 minutes blah blah blah. But, then this site let me rip the whole youtube video to mp3. I couldn't believe how fast it converted the video to mp3 and presented me with a link to download mp3. Whatever is the technology behind it, I could not help sharing with you folks. Enjoy as long as it last.
Just put youtube shareable link on the site and click GO. 


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