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My last weekend at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Venue: Monterey Bay Aquarium,CA
Date: Feb 2, 2008
Time: 12:45 pm
Crew: Ashwin Bro,Cheryl,Tsering,Prayasha,Eva and myself

Last weekend, I had a wonderful time observing aquatic life. There were so many unbelievable creatures I've never seen before. Of them all, Sea Otter is quite famous . Because, wherever I went, I saw things made on the theme of Sea otter. Be it clothes,key chains,toys,backpacks or playing cards, everywhere it's Sea Otter as main theme of their products. I saw one hilarious Sea otter theme on shirt, which I've posted as a picture below.

The aquarium was filled with sharks,tuna,dolphin,sunfish,self-illuminating jelly fish,transparent fish,stingray,and more.. whose names were hard to remember for first-timer like me but whatever I saw, was fantastic and I enjoyed the moment.

Somehow, I managed to capture it in 11 minutes video,that I'd like to show to my readers. Common, it's awesome and for the pictures, it didn't go that well, because, 'No flash inside aquarium' was written there somewhere and the rule, I followed which resulted my pictures as poor as it could be quality-wise (besides, my cam is not even a mid-end, lol and am complaining) but
hey, it's not that dull either. :)

Monterey Bay Aquarium video followed by cool Nepalese songs in background (Optimized for broadband connection..sorry dial-ups). There is one unique scene in this video where a fish shoots water(like bullet) at fly and fly is dead and it preys on it. Very unique, I took this shot from the running video over there describing unique aquatic life

The following pictures are taken inside Bay Aquarium
Tsering(bro),Prayasha,Eva and Ashwin Bro

Ashwin bro,his daughter Prayasha and Cheryl

Ashwin bro,Prayasha and Myself
Good photographer, he(my bro) took shot of my back. Most of the time, I was taking shots of others and the only chance when I got is something like this, back shot jeez, anyways..)

This is the picture I was talking about, Harry Otter LOL


Guest said…
thanks bro.. for sharing the video of monterey bay aquarium. Its nice to watch the video with good music in background. It seems Aquarium is very big, and enviroment is cold there. But i enjoy the moment in video after 6.04 min when "fish kill the fly" what a target....... really amazing good capture. hope in future also u post such kind of video and pic. but next time don't cheat us... we want yr pic also... ha ha ha ha
Anonymous said…
I think Navin's life is too much intresting...let's hope all boys as well as girls too will get such life in their life if they follow the tips that given by Navin .....But wait a minute..where are the tips ?????
yaya said…
omg, I love seeing aquatic creatures.its just so wonderful.

they are so cute!

and the background song.. ehe!
yaya said…
i always wanted to go to a place like this but never get a chance yet, though the aquarium is very near to my place. looking at the video make me even want to go there..
Navin said…
Sameer, Sure bro, next will be a 'Retrospect post' of mine for completing one year of blogging. and thank god.. you enjoyed the video :)
Navin said…
Ametya no bro, fun is everywhere, just have fun, it's everywhere, when I was in Nepal, I had even more fun with friends, but to this new place, visiting this new place .. umm.. lil bit of fun.. but lots of excitement and getting knowing new things.. wowow.. just wonderful..
Tips are on its way.. ehehe
Navin said…
Yaya, glad you liked it. you'll be 'fire on water' again. .ha ha ha a. just kidding.. I wished to see your photos again and I watched them again

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