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Extraordinary ink that only looks expensive

I bought a cheap printer back in those days when Printer was considered too expensive, I was happy to have cheap one. It was marketed as best too. Well, it delivered good printouts but later when my ink soaked up by those printouts, I had to go to get new one. To my dismay, the Ink cartridges were almost the price of printer itself. So, I thought should I buy the new printer with Ink Cartridges loaded up or what but I thought that wouldn't be a good idea either. I found out the cost of operation was going to be too taxing for my limited budget and finally I had to ditch that printer. That old scenario that I just put on above paragraph is still prevailing and most of the time, naive consumers blindly purchase cheap and best printers but later on they realise it's too much they are spending on inks. The cost of operation is still high for inkjet color printers than the product itself. I recently stumbled upon a company with a different motto 'best ink cartridges at 30-70% le

How to create a Hardrive Image or How to clone your Disk Partition

When your computer gets messed up, you think re-installation of operating system is the only way out. In most cases, it works but that cost lots of your time and you've to go through hassles of installing individual softwares and drivers for hardwares one by one. There is an easy way to do this. Just take a snapshot of your entire operating system when it's healthy. I mean when everything is working perfectly, when all your softwares and drivers are working just fine. Your best move would be to take snapshot. Then on one unfortunate day, your PC crashed or say your hard-drive went kaput, or say your operating system was infected with plethora of virus and malwares.... You think re-installation of OS is the only way left. Nope, just put the snapshot back to the hard drive that was taken when your system was healthy. And, you're all good to go. It will take just few minutes instead of hours while re-installing your Operating system off the Installation Setup CD. So, this whol

Why I stopped bodybuilding...

I was physically attention drawing,had nice bicep heights,grabbed people's attention. I was chocolate. I had many friendly dates than my friend's. Courtesy goes to my effort put on bodybuilding but Why I stopped bodybuilding... because... I could spend my quality time on learning than wasting time to build a detrimental impermanent physique. I do physical than gym workout these days.. Dunno, lost interest to build muscle. Reason is apparent, look the image above.

Install Windows XP over Windows Vista and have a Dual-boot system easily

I have my laptop Toshiba Satellite A215-S4807 with me, it was getting damn sloppy after each updates I downloaded. It came with 160 GB harddrive, 2 GB DDR2 RAM and with other excellent bells and whistles. My problem was it's getting sloppy day by day. Somehow I had to fix that. I don't yet understand the core of VISTA as I understand of XP's. My only resort was to create another partition since my laptop had only one partition allocated for whole 160 GB which according to me is not good for any system's performance. Synopsis: - I had to install XP no matter what?? But the system supported drivers were only for Vista, that means, I can't use any features of laptop through XP. For ex: I wouldn't be able to use Volume Control bar on laptop to control audio volume inside my OS. I wouldn't be able to use the camera and other Function key combos that has come integrated to work smoothly with vista and my laptop. -Umm.. So, I needed Vista too. But not the one that

I Beg Your Pardon

I'm such a hypocrite, I throw a post on how to blog nicely,consistently and then I , Myself got lost for a week. Yeah, I confess that and I beg your pardon for this and those who are willing to get some valuable computing tips from me, I feel sorry for myself. I also assume that RSS readers of my blog haven't been bothered for some time but, I'm back again to bother them. ;) These past few days had been hectic and busy. 1. First, I was training myself to get a driver license. I already passed the written test few month ago , it was just a few-day away from my driving test last week and so I had to put myself through vigorous driving learning session. As soon as I got back from work, I was on the road driving, learning rules here and there. So, this is the first thing that's so important for someone like me who came from the country where people take their vehicle from left lane. It's not so easy to set my mind to lead the road from right-hand lane in here. Be