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Believe it or not: UFOs

Last year,on this very month I wrote about UFO. Actually, one Indian Channel broadcasted live UFO sightings. Personally, I was amazed to see that. Before any Indian Scientists could figure that out, it was gone and nobody could find anything about that(may be it's on top secret files piled up). What I was shown on TV was some bright light bulbs like objects on the sky then.

I recalled last years incident, and am here with some pictures from year 2000-2008 which shows the sightings of UFOs. Believe it or not, it's upto you. None of these images are digitally manipulated UFO spoofs.

September 11,2002,Eastern United States

September 22, 2004 - Waupaca, Wisconsin

September 29, 2001 - Hungary

Summer, 2003 - Trout Lake, Washington, USA


October 19, 2003 - Bagdad, Arizona

October 21, 2004 - Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, USA

October 30, 2000 - Bellevue, WA, USA

September 5, 2003 - Goodwood, West Sussex, United Kingdom

September 7, 2004 - Zion National Park, Utah, USA

November 25, 2005 - Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

November 26, 2006 - Alagamar, Brazil

October 8, 2003 - USA

October 10, 2004 - Litchfield, Connecticut, USA

October 13, 2004 - Oceanside, Oregon, USA

May, 2006 - Baghdad, Iraq

Nov 6-14, 2001 - Resolute Bay, Canada

November 6, 2004 - Gdansk, Poland

November 14, 2004 - Dorchester, Dorset, United Kingdom

November 18, 2005 - Norwich, United Kingdom

May 17, 2003 - Netherlands

May 18, 2004 - Provo Canyon, Utah, USA

May 25, 2001 - Kilsyth, Victoria, Australia

May 27, 2004 - Big Bear Mountain, CA, USA

May 29, 2006 - Ixtapa, Mexico

March 31, 2006 - San Jose, Costa Rica

March 31, 2007 - Redondo Beach, California, USA

March, 2004 - Over Campeche state, Mexico

May 4, 2004 - Rzeszow, Poland

May 15, 2005 - Carolina, Puerto Rico

late 2000 - Mammoth Mountain area, California, USA

March 4, 2005 - Westwego, Louisiana, USA

March 13, 2005 - Waroona, Western Australia, Australia

March 26, 2004 - San Francisco, California, USA

March 29, 2003 - Lyngdalsheidi, Iceland

More below....

July, 2005 - Pyramids at Giza, Egypt

June 8, 2006 - Zagreb, Croatia

June 18, 2004 - lake in Wisconsin, USA

June, 2004 - Island of Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

June, 2004 - Oahu, Hawaii, United States

July 14, 2004 - Houston, TX, USA

July 17, 2002 - Spokane, Washington

July 18, 2001 - Col de Vance, France

July 20, 2005 - Cockaponset State Forest, CT, USA

July 26, 2003 - Brzostek, Poland

January 31, 2008 - Indiana, USA

January, 2007 - Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA

July 2, 2003 - Silver City, Michigan, USA

July 8, 2005 - Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

July 11, 2004 - Watford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

January 8, 2003 - unknown

January 8, 2006 - Zdany, Poland

January 13, 2001 - Lake Chapala, Ajijic, Mexico

January 15, 2004 - Melbourne, Australia

January 29, 2004 - Starksboro, Vermont, USA

February 26, 2004 - Pisco, Peru

February 26, 2005 - Mesa, Arizona, USA

February, 2003 - Weyauwega, Wisconsin, USA (Waupaca County)

January 3, 2004 - Santa Monica, CA, USA

January 4, 2004 - Tasmania, Australia

December 19, 2000 - Mt

December 24, 2002 - Degelis, Quebec, Canada

December 2003 - Southeast Vermont, USA

February 2, 2005 - Half Moon Bay, California

February 10, 2004 - Coffeyville, Kansas, USA

August 16, 2002 - Carolina Beach, NC, USA

August 20, 2001, ca. 3

August, 2005 - Jersey City, NJ, USA

August, 2006 - Chicago, Illinois, USA

December 13, 2003 - Flying from Los Angeles to Singapore

2005 - Tintagel , Cornwall, United Kingdom

April 8, 2004 - 20 miles south of Roanoke, Virginia, USA

April 23, 2004 - Long Island, New York, USA

August 4, 2003 - Gulf Of Mexico , Louisiana, USA

August 6, 2005 - Salt River Canyon, Arizona, USA

2000 - France

2002 - Australia

2002 - Bedhampton, England, United Kingdom

2003 - Nijverdal, the Netherlands

2003 - St

That's it.

Thank you reading.


Aakar said…
don't know what it is ?... may be they are UFO's...
but i don't belive indian tv channels...
lopsang said…
well most of them I find them photoshopped....but I am not being skeptical 'cause this has always been subject of my interest...and to some extent I believe it exists..............

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