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Top Bollywood Actors Turned Bloggers

This post is about bollywood actors turned bloggers. For all bollywood fans and bloggers, it's a good news and techy way to keep in touch with their favorite actors. No matter if they respond or not, but one thing is sure they'll read their fans words. I personally never had cravings for autographs and stuffs like that, but seeing these actors turned into bloggers, couldn't wait but to write about them. Let's start with 1. Aamir Khan's blog : This blog is all about Aamir Khan's personal ramblings. It's pretty interesting to read what's going on his world. You'll be greeted with his masculine gangsta physique pose with two links down right. Chat is not working when I tested cos it took forever to connect whereas his blog is simply neat. Not recently updated though. 2. Salman Khan's blog : This blog is not all about only Salman Khan but definitely it's authored by him. Erratically, this blog has strange name '10 ka Dum' which I thi

How did I remove iFrame Injection off my sites??

I don't know how did I get this 'iFrame Injection' on my websites. I noticed it for the first time, when my webhost company shut down my service momentarily few months ago. The reason was of the folder on my webhost space contained chunk of malwares and bad scripts. Upon checking, it was Ashish 's folder and I noticed him deleting all the suspicious files after I informed him. Later on, he came up and told me that his sites were infected as well mines too. I noticed every websites I owned got this iframe Injection which looked similar like this below: <iframe src="" width=0 height=0 style="hidden" frameborder=0 marginheight=0 marginwidth=0 scrolling=no></iframe><iframe src="" width=0 height=0 style="hidden" frameborder=0 marginheight=0 marginwidth=0 scrolling=no></iframe> The ill-effects of this scripts are as follo

Funny Random Thoughts

Blind-dates, girlfriends and ????? Check this video below: ahem, the saga continues below: Spiderman.. Spidermyan..(music note changes)spidermyan...spiderman. When was the last time you had sex?? Gone are the days of HE-MAN, now is the age of SHE-MAN Side-effect of rollercoaster, be ready for this.. Racism is in every Race Whatta logic defining piracy and theft is not equal this is no big deal,'OH MY GOD' look who's that in bathing tub? Stupid shop and stupid shoppers Horror,Gore Movies for them.. Mr Bill Gates before he picked up that Microsoft source code. juz kidding uhhhh. I would call it 'Ball-break dance' Thank you for reading my post.

Here comes Microsoft's freeware ANTIVIRUS

Today Microsoft announced that it's gonna give it's users a free Antivirus which is currently termed as MORRO . Current subscription based security software of Microsoft Windows known as Windows Live OneCare(costing approx. $50 a year) would be superseded by the end of the next year. To be precise, they are halting the retail sales of Windows Live OneCare on June 30th of 2009 and distributing the immediate replacement with the name 'MORRO' for free. All other security software companies are shaken with this news as they fear that they gonna loose their market shares. By the time, Microsoft release this software as free, I'm pretty much sure, other companies would be suing Microsoft. There are so many software companies which consider Microsoft as evil because Microsoft always tried to embed everything to it's operating system to make it perfect operating system. And they don't like it when Microsoft takes all their jobs. These are the same people and thei

Is it time to consider AVG Antivirus a bogus tool and switch over to different one??

If you've been using AVG Antivirus, it's time to think now. AVG antivirus is very popular product. Like any other Antivirus company, it first gave it's product FREE for all during it's time. When people got used to it, they started bundling different PAID version, cutting off features from FREE version. Despite the fact, Free version offered full elimination of malwares though some unique features were left out for paid one. Recent experiences with AVG antivirus is not good enough to believe it as a dependable antivirus software. It's not that old when AVG started to detect ZoneAlarm Firewall as a Trojan by the name of Agent_r.CX. What on earth guys behind AVG were thinking. Their definition files were tagging legit softwares as malicious. On similar story, AVG antivirus detected user32.dll as a Trojan horse file and prompted to delete it. When deleted, it rendered their system unbootable. How the heck did they(AVG) not know that user32.dll is crucial file to have

How to remove zlob.dnschanger.rtk and recycled

It is said that a computer with no firewall and antivirus softwares is 99.99 percent vulnerable to online threats and attacks as soon as it's connected to the Internet. Once it's connected to the Internet, it takes less than 20 minutes to get that computer victimized. This is what I read on one of the pages of a very thick book on Computer Security and Hacking. Yesterday, I was working on a client's computer, it was new machine with no operating system. He had his legit copy of microsoft windows and I had to make more things work than just installing Microsoft Windows. It was the search for drivers and stuff like that plus couple of things to be tweaked according to his wish. I got the box and started working on it. Installation finished, all drivers loaded from various sources online and I was about to check some stuffs on Google. But as soon as I clicked some search links, it took me to some strange websites, most of them were so fake and seemed advertisement. Within th

The Top 7 Worst and Notorious Websites in Nepal

Some of my readers suggested me to make a story on the Worst yet notorious Websites originated from within Nepal. Didn't matter even if it's hosted on US servers. In fact there is no single server in Nepal hosted that way except some low-end, poorly maintained intranet and locally limited network infrastructure. It took me approximately 3 weeks to study some notoriously popular websites in Nepal and finally I'm able to come up with this article. This article is purely based upon my research and hereby want to clarify there is no egoism and vengeance involved. I read other hundreds of links to confirm and support my verdict on the 'Top 7 Worst Websites in Nepal'. Anyone affiliated with the following websites should take it as a measure of improvement and constructive criticism rather than fuming on what's written here. Lets start with something as an example to make you understand what the theme of this post is. Check this out: Once you ch

Reservation Rewards !!! Hidden Charges and fees

I didn't know that my credit card was being charged for something that I didn't even know. It's recently, I activated the alert system and that's how I came to know somebody have been taking amount from my account on monthly basis. The alert system notified me of what's going on my account and that's how the email came to my inbox. I didn't care on the statements that showed my savings and expenditures that I made, because for this particular issue, it was too low to really put my attention onto. I thought some sort of bank charges. But as I tried to find it out, I had no idea what it was. So, calls went to my bank, they told me to ask the company who charged me and some how I figured out that their phone number was listed on the details of the transaction. Company name was Reservation Rewards. I fired my first phone call, and very tired voice responded. I complained and she was awkwardly ready to refund me. Though she told me that she'll cancel my membe

How to avoid Chain Mails

Have you ever received an email forwarded so many times and asking you to forward the same? Have you not been able to deny and sheepishly forward it? Have you ever received a mail telling you about the outbreak of deadly computer virus, which has actually a solution DIY and want you to forward it to others? Have you ever been enticed of an email which says that You've won certain amount of bucks and wants you to follow exactly the email says, forward it, win it?? Welcome to the world of the Chain Mails. ummm emails. Whoever sends you such email, their only intention is to clutter the bandwidth, back the Urban Legend, or to kill their worthless time to have some fun fooling around with innocent people out there, just like you and me. Well, I'm not that innocent in terms of computing stuffs otherwise, I wouldn't be writing this article who is telling you one or two things about chain mails. Every time, you get chain mail, the subject of the email is usually followed by.. &

Circuit City Going Bankrupt

Circuit City,one of the biggest electronic stores in America, filed for bankruptcy this week. The reasons being the cut-throat competition,zero influx of customers and pressure from it's vendors. Circuit City will open till Sale this upcoming holiday season but before that it has announced that it'll cut off more than 700 jobs and laying off thousands of employees. Once I stopped by Circuit City here in Santa Cruz, and checked some of their gadgets. It was way higher than on Internet. Though, Santa Cruz is notorious for expensive stuff and living, at least I had thought it wouldn't be the case with electronic stuffs. I just did window shopping and ordered things from online at lot cheaper price. I was wondering how these companies are sustaining, then I made second thought, may be consumer are so naive. I obviously blame this for the bad economy. People are almost unwilling to spend a penny on fancy stuffs than necessity in this worst economy condition. Thank you f

Tipsy Saturday

Tomorrow, I'm going to Berkeley along with my family for some meditation sessions. I don't really have anything special to talk about on this very weekend except some peppy stuffs that I've collected so far. This is a very funny animated AD based on notoriously popular character Gabbar Singh of 'SHOLAY', the biggest hit in indian film history. If you don't relate to hindi movies, skip the video and observe some of these pictures(click 'em for full size) Thank you for reading my post.