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500 GB DVD

All of a sudden, mighty Blu-ray started to look petty when I came to know that 500 GB optical media is due pretty soon. Just like any other hype, the media junkies are calling it 500GB 'DVD' but officially it's manufacturers(GE's Holographic Storage) have admitted that this optical media is based onto slightly different technology of read/write than what we had and have today in the market of optical media storage. It's micro-holographic disc, it's different than the rest of it's brother technology in a sense data can be stored/retrieved in three dimension. To get it even in a simpler term, laser light will hit on both sides of the disc. Traditional CD/DVDs have label coating on one side and the other side is with magnetic layers to store/retrieve date, not with this micro-holographic disc. As learned, this technology is developed to store huge chunks of information most suitably for archival industry but pretty sure, it could be heading to home consumers

101 Mbps Internet Connection

What the heck?? 101 Mbps downstream for home use!!!!! I'm not a disbeliever as technology is bringing unbelievable every here and then. But, when they brag things way before time, I just can't help. I read news that some company called Cablevision is launching their 101 Mbps internet connection in market this May 12th, somewhere in NewYork. I don't know if this is their marketing strategy to compete with Verizon's so-called 50Mbps downstream speed and it's price but it surely looks so because I learned that Verizon is charging over $140/month for that speed whereas Cablevision is introducing 101Mbps below $100/month. It smells fishy to me. Theoretically, What I should be getting as download speed is more than 80% less and that's the ultimate truth because many things affects the speed no matter to which extent they brag. This just doesn't work in reality. And I've to admit that there are stupid people who run after these hype otherwise, why would they

Some of the things Windows XP/Vista Users should know about Windows 7

I'm running Windows 7 beta inside my virtualised sandbox. So for so great experience. Windows 7 RC beta is leaked recently which was due to release officially next week to select community/users according to Microsoft. Whatever, the final version will be sold later this year. 1. Virtual XP mode in Windows 7 Microsoft just couldn't get over of Windows XP due to overwhelming cries when it tried to kill Windows XP. XP support then finally been extended to 2014. May be it's their strategy to pull out adamant XP users to Windows 7 introducing Virtual XP in Windows 7. You can turn your Windows 7 act just like Windows XP. What's the fuss now? Windows XP/Vista to Windows 7 exodus is for sure, I guess. 2. Netbook Support. Unlike previous Vista distribution, which required huge chuck of processing powers, astonishingly this latest mammoth could even run on limited resources of netbook. That's what Microsoft has to say recently. I imagined running it on my netbook very s

What would you do if a TAP is stuck in your eye?

Once in a while I write post about offtrack topics or say gossip. Here is the continuation of the legacy. I was totally dismayed when I read that the water TAP was stuck in man's eye. Imagining the incident myself was just more than horrible. A Chinese man ended up with a water tap stuck in his eye after he slipped and fell in his bathroom. Mr Zhao, 57, of Chongqing, was having his early morning wash when he fell and landed on the tap. His family immediately called firefighters and ambulances who arrived to find him with the tap still jammed in his left eye. "It was so scary, there was blood spouting everywhere," one family member told the Chongqing Business Daily. Firefighters cut the pipe with hydraulic shears leaving the tap handle and a section of pipe still stuck in Zhao's eye. Holding the pipe in his hands, Zhao walked to the ambulance and was rushed to hospital where staff called a plumber to try and make the pipe small enough to fit him in a CAT scan

Netbook Age : $250 Android based Netbook in 3 months

Marked by the unprecedented sale of small-sized laptops even during this recession, this age we're living in is Netbook age in one sense. I own Acer Aspire One, others have their own. I've skinned my netbook to look like this. I'm an avid lover of blue color, everything blue is my first priority, hence my blue themed earth aura sticker on my netbook has collected many's admiration(oh WOW!! ,| coool | awesomeee | what's that). I don't carry any arrogant pride for having netbook although I sometimes wish if it were as powerful as today's desktop. But, looking at it's size and comparing superspeed Pentium computer few years back, this netbook is a charming kid. I run windows on it. There was a huge buzz about Android(linux flavor OS) and there still is. Amidst the noise, one chinese company Guangzhou Skytone has reported that it's going to release this Android based netbook within 3 months of time at merely $250. One thing unique about this netbook

Yahoo shutting down Geocities

I still remember the time many years ago, when I was so proud to setup my first website.. well for nothing special purpose.. just for fun. It just amazed me to see my words put on internet. And, Geocities was big kid back then. It's free hosting service was pretty alluring and later Yahoo bought Geocities. It then became Yahoo's Geocities, Ads appeared on free pages along with Paid memberships offered as time progressed. I really don't know if it's coincidence or what, just last month, I tried to check on old Geocities pages of my friends on Geocities, they were still there though not updated. At some point, I felt that Geocities pages are totally useless as new people who would be more focused on free services with latest more flexible technology , would definitely opt out it. In addition to that, information on those pages were total obsolete. In a sense, they were information waste on internet. Indeed needed to be weeded out pretty soon. Again, I must say, if it&

PirateBay pretty adamant about not paying fines

I've been covering PirateBay news on my blog since past few weeks. First, they were sued and it took several days to get the verdict. Result didn't go in their favor. With lots of taunts and uncertainties among all concerned, they lost the case . They were then ordered to be jailed for couple of years with $3.6 million to pay as fine for all the "so-called" damages they caused by distributing copyrighted materials through their torrent website. Last week, I guess there was another wave of news circulating around. The judge who made the decision were linked and found to be the member of some copyright associations hence disputing his verdict as biased. I don't know if that's true or not, but with each passing days, things are turning interesting. As a matter of fact, Peter Sunde has been pretty adamant about not paying fines at any cost and once again restated that he's is not willing to pay any fine. Astonishingly, he urged his supporters to stop donat

Apple Inc to pay $19 million fine over stolen technology

Apple Inc. has been found guilty for patent infringement and hence ordered to pay $19 million to Palo Alto-based Opti Inc. Opti Inc has patented it's technology( Predictive snooping of cache memory for master-initiated accesses ) in 2000 which Apple Inc willfully incorporated into it's products. Opti Inc's patent is all about data handling through chips and processor inside any electronic devices. Instead of going for settlement,as it's known Apple at first tried to overpower the suit but somehow big fish got turned down and Opti won the case. Apple should be inclusive when developing their new technology and seems there is no place for a word called 'Research', not only for new inventions but also for existing similar technology around. Thank you for reading my post.

Amazingly Amazon's profits up

During this economic downturn, everyone seems heading towards online shopping. Stores don't give you real deal except on those occasions for which one has to wait for long period of time. That could be the reason why Amazon has been the luckiest one so far to see sudden rise in it's profit margin even during times like these. According to the first quarter financial result published by Amazon on their site ,there is a comparatively higher growth rate than the previous year. Net sales increased 18% to $4.89 billion in the first quarter, compared with $4.13 billion in first quarter 2008. Operating income increased 23% to $244 million in the first quarter, compared with $198 million in first quarter 2008. Net income increased 24% to $177 million in the first quarter, or $0.41 per diluted share, compared with net income of $143 million, or $0.34 per diluted share, in first quarter 2008. Also, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos reported that Kindle sales exceeded their optimum expectations.

What's in a name? Try it or Miss it.

Lets try to find our own personalities and sexualities. It's fun and you'll love it. How accurate/inaccurate would it get, I don't care. And, believe it or not, it's all in your Name,it's alphabets. Here we go, uncovering the meaning behind a name. I suggest you to use your first name for this. This theory as some have proposed is known as the art of Nameology(Namelogy). Here's the deal, You sum up all those numbers below in parenthesis and collect each descriptions from each of the letters to form it a full description about oneself. Once you have that, see what it says. It's FUN. ----------------------------------------------- Lemme check what it tells about my name: NAVIN eg. N(450) Likes to work, but always want a break. Best kisser A(100) Very quiet when you have something on your mind. Likes to flirt V(10) Have a very good physique and looks. Not judgemental. I(200) Always smiling and making others smile. Is always there for their friends. N(450

Firefox is the world's most Vulnerable browser

Recently, Secunia (Online security and threat watch group) published advisories for the four most widely used web browsers: Internet Explorer (IE), Safari, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox. 31 vulnerabilities were reported for Internet Explorer (IE 5.x, 6.x, and 7), including those publicly disclosed prior to vendor patch as well as those included in Microsoft Security Bulletins. Safari and Opera each had 32 and 30 vulnerabilities, whereas 115 vulnerabilities were registered for Firefox in 2008. To read Secunia's detail report in pdf format, click here . Meanwhile, Mozilla fumed at Secunia's report and lashed out stating it(report) " worse than useless, it is in fact very misleading." You can read what Mozilla Team has to say about it by clicking right here . I've no right to put my verdict on if Firefox is the most vulnerable browser or not, but every spotlight gets the attraction of crowd. So, might be the case with Firefox. Thank you for reading my pos

PirateBay lost the case in Swedish court

The Pirate bay have lost a trial in Sweden according to it's founder who twitted yesterday. Swedish court has sentenced all the founders(Frederik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, Carl Lundstrom and Peter Sunde) of to 1 year in prison for "aiding in copyright infringement" with a fine of $3.6 million. The Motion Picture Association of America and the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry are among those who have called for action to shut down the site. But, court has not ordered to shut down the site yet. It's still up and according to one of the founder, Sunde,.. he would rather burn the cash if he had that sum of money rather than paying it as fine to Hollywood movie and music industry. He was adamant that even if he's jailed or hammered down, all other hundreds Sunde from around the secret corner of the world will keep the site up. This could be one victory for Hollywood but according to one commentator, he would never ever

Beware iPod buyers

Apple is always in controversy. I remember my post where I wrote how Apple sold the iPhone at jacked up price and later after two months, sold it at almost half the price. How would you feel?? Robbed?? Somehow the case settled after some refund in the form of rebates then. I came to learn that Apple's iPods are manufactured in China(known fact), in fact there is a place called iPod-city(Longhua) in China where huge-scale iPod production plants operate. American appliance manufacturers depend upon China's cheap labor force and they deliver it right here in American market. They're always cheap price-wise no matter what. And in days of recession, everyone is running after cheap stuff. Apple's so-called latest and new iPod Shuffle seems an act of shenanigan, again price-wise. According to BusinessWeek, the latest iteration of Apple's smallest iPod only costs a mere $22 to create, but how much does it retail for? $79. That's right, you're being charged almos

4 TeraByte Solid State Disk(SSD)

Solid State Disks, which uses the same technology like flash-based storage as USB drives, are now being used for laptops and emulates Hard disk drive. Just like an ordinary flash memory card, these Solid State Disks(SSD) are extremely fast in read/write operations, shock-proof and completely silent(it doesn't have to bother with any mechanical arm's to read/write like on today's harddrives that we've in our computers.) All these benefits and being new kid in the technology block comes with a price which makes it extremely expensive for now. Right now, personally I've no choice other than fantasizing about this thing to be in my system one day. ;) Recently a company known as Super Talent has announced 512 GB SSD for sale, the first massive storage compacted so far into small SSDs. And, this 512 GB SSD is priced at $1500, which is almost $3/GB as compared to 18 cents/GB in today's ubiquitous platter-based harddrives. And, another company OCZ has promised 4 Te

Communication Outage

This morning as I headed to my work, I tried to call my boss on the way. Just as I pushed the dial button, the strange beep sound reverberated. I tried 2-3 times but it just wouldn't connect. I didn't pay much attention then. When I reached the office, my boss asked if my cell phone was working and I said "YES". Hers was not working. I remembered why my phone was not ringing her phone before. She was just wondering why her phone was not working. As I found myself busy with my day work later, I started to see grumpy customers, mostly mumbling about some communication outage, fiber optics cut off underground blah blah.. That made no sense to me. Wait a minute, I checked back to my cell phone and damn.. that had no signal at all either. My boss has got Verizon and mine is AT&T. None were working. As more customers came in, I found the growing number of victims from no-communication samsara, all complaining and then speculating at their own. One thing was of big

How was April Fools Day?

I didn't know it was April Fool's day yesterday untill my online Vendor pulled a prank on me. As usual, I was checking emails late in the evening, one mail with rock-solid steal-deal was almost irresistible. It was about LisN-C Bluetooth/Video All-in-One Micro Spy Device. This could capture Video/Image in 10 MegaPixel,full motion video @ 800x600 at 30FPS, night vision mode, 128 GP USB flash drive, 6 cell battery for extended operation, Bluetooth transmission with distance hearing amplifier w/100 foot range, Voice to Text Technology plus auto Twitter,Micro-Video Projector and more... They flaunted it's only $49.99 for first $500 orders and I knew they have more than 5,000 readers watching the same Ad. Trying to jump on the race, I clicked their Newsletter link and GOSH.. This is the page where I ended up. April Fool.. phew.. I almost took my Credit Card out, and was about to get this too-good-to-be-true stuff. I was imagining this thing if existed could've cost at

Microsoft Encarta: Game Over

Internet is dynamic, who don't evolve with it's pace, they fall for sure. This happened to Microsoft's Encarta encyclopedia product. Microsoft is discontinuing Encarta Website and it's software sale by October 31st,2009. They are shutting down it's services because people have changed their way of searching information in considerably different ways than in years past. They are right. Now, internet has an adequate source of information to look upon. With Wiki in scene, almost equivalent to so-called Internet Encyclopedia left Microsoft have no other choices but to shut it's services down. Needless to say, Microsoft last year announced that it's moderately priced Antivirus software would be freeware this year. They also stopped their mobile browser research. Opera is dominant in this case. Thus, Microsoft is making hasty decisions and this is irking their customers. The subscription fee that is paid for Encarta would be refunded by the end of April,200