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Google Chrome , Next OS ??

Yesterday, Google announced on it's official blog that CHROME is the next OS for netbooks. After I went through their announcement, I found that they're more focused on speed,simplicity and security. They're working with big names like Acer, Adobe, ASUS, Freescale, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, and Toshiba. I've not read a single word on multimedia. Operating System, as a definitive term, is evolving or being changed by group of people. Anyone expecting to play around with fullblown content on Google OS, forget about it. Speed, simplicity and security has lots of restrictions being put up. Google Chrome sounds good for people on the go, who need nothing more than information real quick, be able to communicate faster than ever and has nothing to do with gaming and multimedia rich stuff like that. On top of that Google Chrome(Browser turned/termed OS) is being built on Linux kernel. So, it'll be the one of those Linux variations. It

Gmail no more BETA

Gmail has removed 'Beta' tag from it's site. It has removed this tag after hanging on it for more than 5 years. Gmail was splended even when it was BETA, I felt no BETA experience then and it's still splended ever after ridding that BETA thing. In a way, it was just meaningless and so used to with it, it felt almost invisible to my retinas. It's Google's blog where I read that they announced " Google Apps is out of beta ". Well, nothing much to write about. Thanks for reading my post.

Every PC technician/ Tech guy's must have Toolkits

I know every PC technician has their own ways to solve the problems and help their customers. I'm sharing mine. What Can I do? I can fix computers,laptops,cellphones,repair damaged motherboards,networking,webdesign,flyers,banners,Graphic designing,Video Editing,assembling,overclocking, etc etc...(I forgot what I can do..) What are my tools: As a tech guy, I always think about software and hardware part. Let me first go with the software part: 1. Ultimate Live BootCD for Windows: This is the Windows XP version of BootCD with lots of pre-compiled helpful tools to solve much of the problems. I used PEBuilder to create this BootCD and You must have Windows XP CD with you to have this BootCD. Detail instruction can be found here. 2.Gparted : This is a freeware ISO that you can download and burn as a bootable disc. I always and always keep this with me. This linux GUI tool helps you to manage partitions without hampering a data on the hard drive. I mean, you can resize your

Bing Vs Google

When Google was in it's infancy almost 11 years ago, I then felt the tremendous growth of it. I'm kind of having same feeling for Bing after long time. "Bing is a search engine that finds and organizes the answers you need so you can make faster, more informed decisions." That's what Microsoft has to say. When searched online for the meaning of Bing, it's Chinese Flatbread and I don't really know if it really has to do anything with it. CEO Steve Ballmar thinks it's short and sweet. To me, it's catchy. Let's Bing. Bing went online on June 3rd, 2009 and I was quite reluctant to write about it and it's possibilities. But after a month of use, I could say Bing is as terrific as Google. It's not surprising to read stories like how fast Bing is growing helping Microsoft to gain it's market share. Proves Bing is taking on everyone. One killer aspect of Bing is that it keeps showing you one impacting image from all around the globe

Turn Your PC into Macintosh

Not really, but you can have that dock in your Windows GUI. Drag and drop your favorite applications to the dock and you are all set. You can layout your dock in any side; top,left,right,bottom of your screen. Rocketdock in action This nifty program is far more efficient than any other paid programs of the same genre which tried to mimic the Mac's GUI. To be true, it increased my efficiency while working. Forget about lame Quick Launch, or any other Windows Shortcut tricks you've been using. This little software will do the magic. Astonishingly, this is FREEWARE. Go to Author's Site(Review/Download): Thank you for reading my post.