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My Panasonic Lumix FZ28 Moon Close up Video recording

I've taken bunch of beautiful shots with my Panasonic Lumix FZ28 and many were amazed with it's output. To be true, I never had as wonderful camera as this one. I actually played around with expensive over 1000 bucks toys but Panasonic FZ28, I just fell in love with it. It's capabilities are enormous.

I got up to take a pee as usual in the middle of the night, and the breeze(off the open windows) was so cool, as I peeped outside, it was moon's light I couldn't resist. Took a deep pranayama breathe in/out to enjoy the air, darted inside, got a FZ28 on my hand and outside started to shot Moon's pic. Then I Put the camera into Video Recording Mode, and before I hit the shutter-release button to record, I set the camera into Spot metering mode.

If you don't know how to put your Panasonic FZ28 into Spot Metering mode, check this picture below:

Don't know what is spot metering??
Read it here:

Well, I almost felt like Jim Carey then (Bruce Almighty), where he uses his mighty power to drag moon closer to the earth.. At one point, I was terrified to see moon's crater's on my camera's LCD screen, I almost lost control, it got shaky, You could see that on the camera footage.

Time of recording: Aug 13,2009 , 1:03 am

Even if Panasonic FZ28 has optical zoom of 18x, with spot metering ON, you'll get 32x Zoom(Optical+Digital mixed). It's awesome.

Thanks for watching.


Ashish said…
Wow bro this camera is just awesome with. It's zoom is really powerful. I wish I had a camera like this.
Richard Walker said…
That camera image rocks... I wouldn't have expected to see that much detail from a digital camera! Telescope maybe... I've got an old Canon 300D which I'll have to point skyward to see if I can make out some craters!
Navin said…
Thanks guys for your wonder words, that just make me feel proud owner of this gadget :)
NKM said…
I had similar experience but with my mobile camera...

moon pics...
Navin said…
Did you take those pictures from one of the screens inside Observatory? Anyone can do that.

But if you shot that at night I'd like to know which phone model do you have. Because, so far I've not seen any expensive cell phones with that much of telescopic power to see craters of moon in such details.

Not even my other expensive DSLR could get that much into details..

I'm amazed if you've done that with your mobile phone..

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