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Western Athletic Performance Products (WAPP Clothing and Screenprinting) is a rip off company to work for

Western Athletic Performance Products also known by WAPP Clothing located in Kings Beach, CA and also has offices in Lake Tahoe never pays it's employees in times. Working with them is a nightmare and I literally had to beg for the money that I earned. The owner 'Bryan R Sampson' is a big time crook for me when he wrote me a non-sufficient check. I found out when I cashed it  at one local check cashing business. They later caught me when I tried to cash another check from different company. They understood it's not my fault and didn't charge me anything for the bounced check I presented to them but I felt guilt and shame to have worked for that company. I at least had wished they wouldn't do it to my last check.  It's even shameful to mention the check was not over $50. How could a company in business for so many years do that? Because of their unprofessional way of dealing with other companies and employees, people like us who work for them have to face

How to read Nepalese fonts on your Android devices / tablets

How to display Nepalese and other unicode fonts on your mobile android devices or tablets using opera mini browser.   Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts.- YES When you click 'yes', all the writings on the web pages  are thereafter processed on opera servers.. which means you'll be seeing the snapshots of the webpages instead of the writing. They call it bitmap fonts.