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Windows 9 codenamed 'Threshold' preview on September 2014

As per rumor, Microsoft is poised to showcase it's upcoming OS Windows 9 codenamed 'Threshold' pretty soon arguably this coming September. I'm still in love with my Windows 7 and had no intention to upgrade to notoriously hated Windows 8. But with Windows 9, things could change. As eyebrows have been raised and hearts racing among techies to try this new baby, I can only hope better. Microsoft is stopping Windows 7 sale coming this October 2014 which means there will be no PC loaded with Windows 7 albeit they'll have continuing security updates till 2020, phewww. And, they've Windows 9 preview coming before that. Windows 8's shortlived fame somewhere is to blame for this release if you ask me. It was a major paradigm shift when they released Windows 8. I was equally excited being a loyal Microsoft user and a fan, but before I jumped onto it,  I tried my hand on it at local Best Buy store, I was forced to like it but ended up not liking it after a w

Tech Support Scammers

Be careful of what you download on internet. Scammers have been trying every bit of technology available to them to dupe YOU. These recent cycle of news is about scammers offering you tech support via phone leading you to believe in downloading some of their softwares only to get access to your computer and steal information. And these scammers are operating from their bases in India. If you ever happen to get call from these notorious goons, just waste their time and make fool of themselves at the end. Few weeks ago, that's what I did when one of these bastards called me trying to rip me off. This sucka that I encountered was posing as a member of Microsoft Tech Support Team.  img src Popular Anti-malware Malwarebytes has written a detailed blog showing how these scammers work. As I was going through some of the works of these scammers, I was so amazed and couldn't believe that how authentic and real their fake products look like. I mean they pose as bei

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Alpha looks just normal sized smartphone with 4.7 inch frame. What set it aside from the crowd is it's octa-core processor and 13 megapixel camera. Come on, Samsung, my PC is not as powerful as your Galaxy Alpha and here you've this monster in disguise. I can turn my Galaxy Note II to full blown PC with just little adapter and extra effort tweaks. Now with these specs, am imagining PC in future being slowly superseded by these palm sized mini-PC powerhouse.  Skepticisms apart, it's really worrisome for us PC enthusiasts to see demise of PC as some news have reported--declining PC quarter sales, and soaring smartphone markets. Well, we'll see but with average-sized screen, I've no idea where you are heading when there are tough players already in the game. HTC,iPhone are coming back with vengeance this coming month. And, am sure you'll be put to rest as I don't see much glowing features on Alpha other than that CPU and camera. R

Convert Youtube Videos to Mp3 zippy fast

 Most of the time when I read youtube comments, I see at least few people asking for the name of the song  if the youtube video they're watching has some kind of music playing in the background. Old school way, I would rather let my android phone hear the tune and let it find me the details on the song am listening to. And then comes another scenario where I just want to save the tune to my hard drive for later listening. Youtube has tons of great musics in it and I used to download video, rip music and save it for listening. That took a great deal of time and effort compared to what these sites now a days can do. I came across few sites which would let you convert any youtube video to mp3 just like that but some of them have limitation like 20 minutes blah blah blah. But, then this site h ttp:// let me rip the whole youtube video to mp3. I couldn't believe how fast it converted the video to mp3 and presented me with a link to download mp3. Whatever

Amazing X-ray GIF shows human bone in motion

Photo: Dr. Noah Weiss & Cameron Drake Quite fascinating to see human bone in motion. More I see it, more I appreciate my body of flesh and bones and the work it goes through everyday activity. Simply amazing. Actually, I found out this is a collaboration between a Dr. Noah Weiss and his patient Cameron Drake. Can't get enough of this exemplar y imagery of human bones, then just check in here to find out more. You'll find more such GIF animations posted by Cameron Drake himself.

T-Mobile 4G LTE Internet Speed Test Vs Verizons' 4G LTE

  T-Mobile 4G LTE Internet Speed Test Vs Verizons' 4G LTE.  Given the fact that I live just near by ocean where having towers is quite challenging, getting 4G speed on T-Mobile is just praiseworthy when they're not even blowing like Verizon has been doing it for a while now.  I've seen ppl getting far far more like 50-60 megs downstream on T-mobile, those are the luckiest fellas.. but still no complain. I tested 4G LTE speed on Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note II vs T-Mobile Samsung Light during the peak hours. T-Mobile is the obvious winner.