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More than 10 ways to Fart

Feb 14, 2007 2 comments
Every single living being, who eats from mouth shall release the
gas or air swallowed along with food chewed, through lower hole
and that release of air is, well, farting.
Some smell and some is so quite and doesn't smell at all,that it
goes unnoticed.
Well, celebrities farted,your friends farted,your girlfren farted,
your teacher farted, your brother farted,your sister farted,your
doctor farted,your uncle farted, your aunt farted,your cousin farted,
your boss farted,your worker farted,lawyer farted,scientist farted,
farmer farted,everyone farted, so, why do you care when you fart??
give it a blow and feel that action one more time.

This fart tool is flash program. Download this here(480KB)


Anonymous said…
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... this is the funniest tool ever... i never knew if there's such a thing as a FART TOOL :) i'm gonna link your post to mine hehehehe... i'm gonna promote your blog too (*the fart part)

Navin said…
THanks a lot Trishna

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