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Alternative Resources in Nepal

Mar 25, 2007 5 comments
These days,anyone living in Nepal knows the real pain of breathing air here. I think we're the most unfortunate human beings living under system like this. Statistically, we read that we are rich in hydro-led sources and ironically, we are under severe trauma of overly burdened load-shedding onto our heads. It's same thing, there is always an opposite proximity between theory and practical subject.
We're geographically surrounded by a huge lands,precisely we're landlocked. Now, the only source of fuel is to get these fuels using those neighbouring lands. I don't know what game was running within our own oil corporation in past, now, it's on the verge of collapse. It's so much into the debts of indian oil corporation. The policy itself proved very wrong during the course of time. They hiked the fuel prices when international price went high but they intentionally didn't lower the price when international price went down. This is the main reason of vandalisms, destructions, burning tyres on road everytime Nepal's oil corporation decided to hike fuel price. We know that corruption is everywhere. There were many news in papers in past regarding corruption within corporation. It's their case and their business but when it starts to pinch our livelihood, then it becomes our business too. I really don't want to criticize more, because, my criticism isn't going to make any difference. The only thing i want to realize myself "it's the lack of far sightedness,inability to run the system properly and corruption".. these things led us here.

Now, what's the solution? even though we find solutions affordable by normal people, there would be large hidden obstructions from Multinationals,politicians.. after all, it's politics. Everywhere politics. Normally, politics is to improve countrys economic,diplomatic (blah blah) conditions but here politicians play politics which affects peoples life badly. I really don't want to care about those jerks.

These days,there is a fuel scarcity,load-shedding.. There is 'no petrol' or 'no diesel' signs in every pumps. It's really very bad for them whose daily earnings are based on these petroleum products. Taxi drivers,bus drivers and any other public vehicles running on petrol/diesel are on great business crisis. It's hard for them to survive since no earning could be possible. And, government, they are just parroting " because of the seal in indian border". ( तिनीहरुको टाउकोमा परेको छैन, जब पर्छ तब केहि गर्लान कि तिनीहरुले)They have to find a way around anyhow to ease peoples living. But this government is acting blind-folded and remaining numb. Well,they could promote some natural resources of our Own country like "BIO-GAS" and "BIO-FUEL". These are the generic names for the resources being utilized in far remote areas or the resources which are being tested successfully just waiting to get commercialized but as we know, without government's approval, nothing can be run in market. Government must release budget to utilize our own resources so that we can rely on our resources and be independent. But, as i mentioned earlier, there are some hidden forces who don't want this to happen no matter if general people suffers or not. I think it's time to pressurize government for this kind of development too when all Nepalese are dreaming for New Nepal. But, i've no hope on this government.
BioFuel(BioDiesel) also chemically known as Ethanol could be very effective if blended in recent petrol distribution or could be used independently after implementing new formulation as alternative to petrol fuel. BioFuel could be the natures gift to country like ours whose dependency on petrol-exporting countries be minimized. We could uplift our economic condition utilizing the immense natural resources we've. Above all, this is very environment friendly resource to use unlike Petroleum products. Let's hope this BioFuel be introduced as soon as possible. I think most of people don't know about this BioFuel. It is becoming buzzwords only among the environmentalists,students, professors and every other person who stands themselve socially aware and educated.

A news regarding Ethanol was published once in media. One can check this also

BioGas is another alternative resource to firewood,kerosene. This is good to know that almost in many remote sectors of our country, this BioGas is being used. Biogas Sector Partnership so far, has installed more than 150,000 biogas units in the country. BioGas is produced from cow dung and other waste materials. Such BioGas producing units are being expected to raise in coming years. To get details news, one can refer here

Now, lets hope BioFuel and BioGas be seen as soon as possible in our Country to remove the stress when petrol/kerosene crisis happens.


Anonymous said…
I bet you would like to discuss more at
Nirab Pudasaini said…
Well swithing to ethanol would is difficult because the current vechials thatare running on the streets will not run on ethanol so there will be need for buying new vechials whichi is not quite possible consedring the econimic conditions of our country . i would not only blame the oil corporation . There is a huge potential of hydro electricity and we jus cant exploit it . i think we need technichians rather than politicans and courroption . The worst thing is the lack of skilled manpower . Youths life me and you are either hopeless about the country or either trying to fled of from the country . Well we were like this and we will always be like this . We have somewhat become used to all these bandhas , load shedding and sortages .

Weel all we can do is either hope or dream but nobody will act, not you , not me , not anybody .
Navin said…
i think maoist will do something at some point, they are the only hope, lets see, if it happens or not..
Nirab Pudasaini said…
like i said earlier , all we can do is hope and dream .
Navin said…
yeap, you are right

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