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Windows Vista Keygen Hoax

Mar 8, 2007 3 comments
Well, what to say now, Windows Vista is uncrackable till now. Though there are rumors of working Vista keygen, it proved as hoax. Now, Unlike Windows XP, crackers are still trying their nuts to find workaround of Vista Key. Whoever says they've got a key is probably faking.

Till now, i've not found the Vista other than beta to try out. Even if some told, it's either Vista transformation pack or beta. So, there is no pirated market for this Vista.

May be future has something to tell us but Microsoft has really made this tough one. I bet on it. Vista is very high on system requirement and after going through so many reviews and comparisons, i changed my mind not to upgrade for the time being.
Stronger system configurations 'WALA' are likely to upgrade. There have been already lakhs of lakhs people using Vista. Their experience shows, it takes a while to learn this new operating system.

Well, for people like us, who belong to third world country as they say to us, we tend to use thirdclass replica of genuine product. Crackers supply their pseudo-software products in this reason for very nominal charge, which prevails in Nepal too. I don't know if we support them or not, but everyone is silent and accepting the cult. So, do we,.. we belong to very poor country where we can't pay more sum for a software which is expensive than 3 computers if bought. I'm not promoting piracy and going against those big companies which can sue my blog anytime if found writing like this.. but that's the concern why people are using pirated software. Why are there always prying eyes for a keygen or cracked EXE? why can't they take initiative to buy genuine product? Why the big software companies can't make the price suitable according to the region? They've to check the size of peoples pocket. Nepal, where average salary is 5000-6000 Rupees per month, where 10,000 Rupees per month is still dream in average, .. can they afford for a software costing 10th times larger than their per month salary, definitely not. Except few exception. I'm not talking about richies. I'm talking about average users.

I really don't know, unless and untill, Nepalese Government does something for IT sector, uplift the software development area and promote it's software in own market, later internationally. Then there might be hope. But, as we read some survey, asia is the no 1 for the pirated software junction. For every Ying, there is yang. May be it won't stop for ever.


Anonymous said…
yeha asia prevails in piracy with Almost 90 percent of the users in vietnam and pakistan using pirated software and almost 104 million users in china using pirated software . I dont know the stats about nepal but i am sure that we wouldnt dissapoint either . We have somewhat been used to piracy and why would anyone pay thousands of rupees for software if you can get it for mere 50 rs . You cant blame the software firm either because its their bisuness and even if they produce a low price crippled versions of software why would anyone buy it when they could have a fully functional software almost free of cost . The only answer to piracy in the third world countries as i see is open source and free software . There always is linux for you if your consince is cursing you for supporting piracy . The concept that Linux is not user friendly and is for geeks totally untrue . I myself used ubuntu for 2 months and had no problems . The only thing that made me switch back to windows xp ( pirated version )is the love for the windows office applications like excel and word and the need of visual basic enterpise (also pirated ) for the devolepment of my computer project. But there are third party software avilabel that allows you to run windows application in orther OS'es by acting as a IDE of windows but i havent tried any of those yet .

As for vista the aero interface really sucks your system resources so i havent also upgraded yet . But i have vista transformation pack 6 .
Anonymous said…
Funnily enough, Vista is easy to hack. Microsoft gives you the tools right there. You can hack vista with a simple BIOS change and a re-install with the standard disc. On top of this, you can choose any version of vista you want to install. Vista is easier to hack than XP is.
Navin said…
oh ho, it seems pretty enticing.

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