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Best Games Ever

Apr 20, 2007 2 comments
These are some of the best games ever sold and played. Lets forget about the recent 3D games and lets recall the games those were sold billions in numbers. These games created history to say. I still remember most of these games so playable during my childhood. GTA is my all time favourite. It's nostalgic to recollect memories of old pixel-based super-duper hits. Other addictive list goes on with Super Mario Bros,Tetris,Street fighter etc.

Year: 1972
Game: Pong
Publisher: Atari


Year: 1978
Game: Space Invaders
Publisher: Taito


Year: 1980
Game: Pac Man
Publisher: Namco


Year: 1985
Game: Super Mario Bros.
Publisher: Nintendo


Year: 1986
Game: Legend of Zelda
Publisher: Nintendo


Year: 1987
Game: Tetris
Publisher: Alexey Pajitnov


Year: 1991
Game: Street Fighter II
Publisher: Capcom


Year: 1996
Game: Super Mario 64
Publisher: Nintendo


Year: 1998
Game: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Publisher: Nintendo


Year: 2001
Game: Grand Theft Auto 3
Publisher: Rockstar Games



Nirab Pudasaini said…
all the game you listed are still addictive no matter how old they are ........... i also love playing pacman and some newer and 3d versions of tetris :)
Navin said…
yeah, me too love to try some newest fan-made version of Super Hit Mario series. and Pacman , they are still so addictive. I agree with you bro.

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