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First Person Shooter and Motion Sickness

Apr 9, 2007 8 comments
FPS(First person shooter) games are one of the gaming genre. These games are biggest hit in multiplayer networked gaming field. Counter Strike is one example of FPS. B-U-T,my all time favorite is RTS(real time Strategy) game. All AOE series,Command and Conquer series, Microsoft Mythology series and last i played was Battle for the middle Earth, these are my type of games. The reason i like these games is because, they give me full healthy gaming experience. My gaming experience with FPS has always been very negative. Everytime, i played FPS games like Quake,Halo,Sin,etc i got sick for the whole day. It gave me the feelings of motion sickness similar to a bus-ride of long hours.
First Person Shooter(game environment)model

After many years, i tried to play a somewhat mixture of FPS and third-person-view shooter titled "Gears of wars" in xbox 360 but again, my eye-ball started aching, felt like nausea,vertigo all around. When i played during my schoolhood, a game called Wolfestein,i vomitted many times. I didn't have that much strength as a kid( was preparing to give SLC) to stop those pressure from stomach and so, it's SPLASH..

I always envied them who played all those FPS well without no motionsickness. I put forward this issue to doctor too and he suggested me to take some anti-motion sickness before playing FPS games. I had that "Avomine" at home, i took it and played and to that extreme, i didn't feel sickness though to some extent it still gave me hard head. So, that was the end of my FPS game play.

After few weeks, i tried as many games as possible and i found myself addicted to RTS game type. I wasn't sure of the game type genre but later somehow i figured out that games are built thinking of different genres. It was good Real Time strategy. RTS games are well planned, isometric views which i can view enemies from all angles,move based, building forts, generating armies, .. well they were so addictive, i fell in love with this and i started playing all those games. Now, my only desire is to compete online with other players but heck.. i've no broadband connection. I'm waiting for broadband to reach my area and as soon as that happens, i'm sure, i'll join all type of RTS network possible plus MMORPG. :)

I hate to take medicines for gameplay but whoever i asked or found, they told me couple of nice suggestions and advices. One i already wrote before to take some anti-motion sickness tablets. I think Dramamine is the best of all as i'm told. I'll someday try FPS with that medicine taken before an hour of gameplay. And definitely will share my views. Some told me having a ginger before gameplay. Ginger juice/ginger fried.. WHAACK.. i hate that bittery taste all the way but people told me it works great. One can try this if his/her eyes power is fine , i mean if nothing is wrong. Rest is to mingle with the technical aspect and own's physical aspect.

It's good to set the refresh rate of monitor to high value. It helps one to reduce the chances of migraine and headache,eyeache etc. It's suggested not just for gameplay but during our normal computing too, it's a must. And for physical, it's must to visit optician to check Eye's power if one experiences a severe sickness after playing games for 5-10 minutes. He will give you suggestion, correct glass. Once i asked my optician same way and he referred me 'Avomine'. May be these days , doctors too might indulge themselves to FPS, who knows? they may give even better solutions for sufferers like me. But, i'm away with these FPS for ever.


Hi speed,

I am too is a great fan of AOE and the strategic genre of game. I don't know why you didn't mention about Ris e of Nations. I will put it in my best game ever which is of RPG game. And have you tried Robin Hood the legend of Sheer hood? I can't explain how much it is interesting. If you are fan of stratgic games then it is the game you shouldn't avoid.

Yes, I feel the motion sickness when playingn FPS game. when i tried castle wolfestein i was like hell. though i didn't vomit. But playing call of duty multipayer I feel really nice and I didn't felt motion sickness.

I haven't tried Xbox. and I wanted to do it. But PC games are very much interesting too. One of my dream is that to buy 21 inch widescreen display, dual processor, dual graphics card and the 5.1 sound system. Happy Gaming!
Nirab Pudasaini said…
Weired , well ashish bro this isint my post ...... i am just a guest poster out here and akkal jhukkal matra post garchuu

and talking bout games i am also a gr8 fan of RPG and i like Age of mythology . My fav game is Warcraft 3 but i am not that much of a gamer .
Anonymous said…
AOE put only the historic moments of joys and wars, but Rise of Nations put historic as well as futures wars too. I forgot to put that name.

i am looking for Robin Hood the legend of sheerhood.. :)

if you are looking for widescreen LCD, look for screen with lower response time, if it's 8s response time against 4s response time. Then go for 4s response time. Lower the response time, lower the ghosting effect.

well, i think RTS and RPG are two different genre of gaming?? hoina ra saathi haru??

they both look and feel same but while playing, it's total different. In RTS , all groups can act at the same time, but in RPG, only one party has to act at one time, then wait until other party finishes taking action and so on. ki kaso??
Deimos Tel`Arin said…
Ouch. >_<

FPS games are funs!

Sad to hear that a fellow gamer is unable to enjoy them.

My cousin brother cannot play FPS games too.

Personally, I play FPS and RPG more often nowadays.

Used to play RTS a lot back in the days of old.

Then one day I realized that my brain is able to process that many things at once. >_<

FPS and RPG are more simpler LOL

RTS, its like running a company. O_O

Hope that one day you are able to truly enjoy FPS without much problems yo!

Cheers, mate. :D
Navin said…
You are one of a blessed guy.. Have fun Deimos tel'arin :)
Anonymous said…
Gears of War is a terrible game to try for someone with these symptoms. It deliberately makes the edges of the screen fuzzy when you turn and move to simulate vertigo. Try something like Call of Duty 4. It's fairly straightforward shooter with no jumping puzzles or quick running. You might also want to experiment with different field of view (FOV) settings. I've heard stories of people getting nausea with the default setting but can play perfectly well once they adjust the FOV to their preference. Another common cause of nausea is head bobbing during movement. You might want to turn that off when you can and see if that helps.
Navin said…
Thanks wankongyew, I really will consider your advice :) only if I made my mind to play FPS again :)
Sharon said…
You should take Motion Sickness Medication before playin third person sootin game!!

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