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Miss Nepal 2007

Apr 8, 2007 22 comments
After lots of woos and boos, Dabur Vatika(event organiser) Miss Nepal 2007 contest has anyhow been accomplished. Many Women Rights Activists and protestors were outside the premises of BICC building protesting the event while the show was running inside. It was bit funnily awkward feeling as there was news of hurdles outside and ironically show was being telecasted LIVE on NTV, national television channel. As i was watching the show as a viewer, my sight eyed on someone named Chand as her last name and was guessing her as a Miss Nepal for this time. Don't know if it's my premonition,as i guessed.. at the end the same girl became and won the Miss Nepal 2007 title.

Her profile as:

Name: Sitashma Chand
Age: 23; Height: 5'7½"
Address: Bhamimandal, Lalitpur
Education: Graduation
Basketball player Sitashma chose Miss Nepal because "the title gives an opportunity to represent the country as a whole".

I came to learn( that The Hidden Treasure in association with Kathmandu Jaycees has been organising Miss Nepal Beauty Pageant since 1994. The Hidden Treasure holds franchise of Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth and Miss Asia Pacific International.

By the way, i don't see any clue why those protesting groups are blindly accusing the organisers for women exploitation and so. For me, the act of protesting is nonsense. There is no glance of profanity or nudity during the whole show event. In fact, ocassionaly it was enriched with cultural themes and music in background. I've personally watched that show and my judgement suggested me that there is nothing wrong with it. If they could, it's better to raise voice against the prostitution,social corruption, try to make country smoker free zone, why can't they do it? for me, in fact, women are becoming more independent, more social and more scientific than ever. If those women activists wants to keep pace with so-called men's world, events like this is must. Since, platform like this is giving them some regonition and opportunities. It's bitter truth, that women are being given the priority during job placement than men. So, why the hell they want to create chaos. If girls are getting benefits and chances , then it should be something to be proud of,even for them. Well, i hear them say that it's the women's exploitation,treating women like a commodity ..well if so, then whole world is doing so.. what's the fuss? it's not like prostitution, in fact, men/women both are treated as marketing symbol. It's their choice to live and earn that way. Who are these Women Activists to protest that way? Are they jealous? Is it not their freedom to take part in? Has any contestant yet come and cry in front of these women activists for the case of abuse by their organisers? When i heard one of the women activist yesterday in one local FM stations being interviewed, i pitied on her miserable blaming which was just pointless. At some point, i felt some kind of unknown force making all this happen. I don't care if they are mindlessly imitating like other extremist countries or it's just to get publicity, what they are doing is clueless. Now, there is on going peace process and they've no right to abrupt events like this. We must see shows like this even more.

Well, one word at last, if they've right to protest, organisers too have right too conduct their events and we've right to see and judge those contestants as viewers.


Nirab Pudasaini said…
well you spoke my heart bro ...... i dont have the craziest idea what these protester are protesting for ...... shrawan ma ankhana futeko goru sadhai haryo dekchaa bhaney jasto po ho ki .........
archana said…
congratulations to sweta,miss chand and bandana.

all da best to miss chand for miss world 2007.
Navin said…
speed, ha ha ha ha ha.. well said. that's true. i liked your proverb very much.
ah.. yeap congratulations to Miss Chand.. she is very charismatic..
i have read all your comments for the Miss Nepal issue. I do agree some of your things but not all. Don't take it as a

personal issue or something like attacking. This is just a simple debate of thoughts.

Look first of all the fact and the well known things is that every coin has two side. I mean to say that every single things

in this earh, every actions and the evrey human has both plus points and minus points. Here is too think that we are just

debating in only plus or in minus point which is absolutely wrong.

So the final thing comes that which one is the more? the plus thing or the minus thing? yes, this is only the main idea

behind every debate , behind every quarrel or fight. Like we know that the Rawana too was a very wise scientist and Ram

has forced Sita to do Agni Parikshaya. But if you see what is more upon them that Rawana is bad guy and Ram is good


Likewise in Miss Nepal which I too did watch i think the bad or the minus point is more than the good point. The good

point is of course it can increase their talent, confidence and every body knows about them.

But you see when talking about their bad point there are lot. For example if you have enough money then is it right to use

others body as a means of advertisement. I did say like that beacause I noticed that most of the thing they were wearing

are advertised by many companies. Like we can see a dummy kept in a shopping mall. We don't see the inner side .we

just see its figure and the things it is wearing.

Secondly, I did notice that being a woman judge too they are checking the contestant's skin, hair, face and clothes. That

is the bad thing i did notice. Is Miss Nepal or Miss World is all about checking how much nice is your skin or face or hair?

Is that thing is not behaving like commodity?

The hard fact is that most of Miss Nepal have become models or heroine. They haven't done a good thing to the society

which is expected. If the main aim is just to be a model or advertisement ambassador i think to spend so much money and

to gain so much attention of the public is very meaningful less. What is the use of the confidence, publicity and the title

which is of no use in the future.

Though I do agree the fact that this is just a starting, i think it is very bad starting. In the future nobody knows what will

happen but talking about the present it is being very bad.

The other main thing to share is that it is very much publicised than necessary. There are lots of peopel who is doing good

to the nations like social service, doctors or engineers. We don't know about them , or care them why? I think is only due

to the fake publicity being made to the unknowns like the participants of Miss Nepal. I do believe that success doen't come

easily. If is comes too it is meaningless. They will forget it soon. Same is happening to the Miss Nepal of the past. They are

just known by their titles not by their works because it was easy to get but hard to maintain.

I have read a book of Dalai Lama where he has said that if you can buy a car or plane but you are staying in the

environment where others can afford to buy a slipper then it is better you should buy car or plane. Same applies here too

in the sense that some people are can't just afford for their living and the rich are holding Miss Nepal where the

extravagant expense is incurred. If you don't believe Dalai Lama's thoughts then I can't say anything.
Nirab Pudasaini said…
ashish i think that you are being far to conservative out here ..... well but its you view and you can have it . But you must realize that these gurls are 18 and above which means that they are legally adults and i think they are mature enough to take their descions . If you want your views to be respected you have to learn to respect the views of others . its not like that the advertising companies are forcint these gurls , its their will . and i think that's what democracy is . Plus you cannot complain about her not doing social works beacuse the money being spent on her is not your money . It's the money of advertising companies . But still i think these ladies are doing much work with their will . Its not that just coz they are crowned they have to dedicate their whole life giving social service and lets be practial as we live in this materillistic world we cannot do work without getting benifits . I mean even as a blogger you may say that you blog for a change but its the adsense revenu that keeps you blogging or mybe the pleasure of it in some cases. You may be much more mature than me and you may know much more but let me tell you that extremist never works . So i would Suggest you to looses up and let new ideas come in (well for in case the computer you are using to blog is the device that is used mostly for seeing pornographich content , and the higest number of people surf the internet just to watch porn) . well but its your view all that way and i couldnt force you to change your views but ill be glad if i could convince you to agree upon my view .

* Forgive me for making such a jumbled entry because my mind itself is in such a confused dtate right now but still i hope you get what i am trying to say anyway
Sadhana said…
Well, Good Posting from your side Ashish!!

Miss Nepal euta Platform ho bhanera suneko aja 10 yrs bhaisakyo tara tyo Platform, Platform mai simit chha tyo bhanda mathi utheko chaina sayed aba ko 10 yrs samma pani tyo platform mai simit huncha hola.......Yehi kura bata hami bujna sakchau ki Miss Nepal katiiko Thik chha Kattiko Thik chaina bhanera.

Navin said…
Well, Ashish Lohorung Rai Sir,
it's good to read your words which i think is very true to some extent. As you've already started it with saying as Debate, you are right, every coin has two sides. btw, it's not necessary to have or to be treated both sides as good or bad. either of them could be good only or bad only tooo. But, since lots of people are protesting, they are not that dumb to protest without much reason. At least, i've that much understanding. They're protesting for reason. Their so called reasons are Exploitation of Women,Advertising womens body as commodity, organizers not committing to their words, involvement of foreign companies etc etc.

I really don't want to go back to history but lots of lot huge wars in history have been fought just because of women, we can see roman history, even our own epics, Mahabharata, ramayan,..all that wars happened because of women. Since, the women are being prioritized from the history because of their beauty and elegance, may be, mankind still couldn't resist their beauty. Because, lots of ad campaigns asks females to show up in their projects than males. It's because, females are more marketable than males. Lets say, If i flip pages of magazine and if i see some Ads with pics of girls on it, i'll definitely read it no matter if it concerns to me or not. But if i see pages and see Ads with guy on it, i won't even look at it unless there is something boldly written to draw my attention. It's just an one example. My only point is to say that Women are more marketable than dudes.

In capitalist countries, fashion and females are subject to glamour and glamour means a lot. It's respect in a sense. To look glamorous, they'll spend alot of money. what if the world admires for being glamorous. That's how lots of beauty contests are being held. Since, people can't get their eye off beauty, for most organisers it's the source of income as well as good opportunity to market their product. Now, using womens body as per use of product promotion, i don't see any harm. If a male dude can AD for brief,bike,liquor,etc definitely a female can AD for bras/panty,bike,liquor too. Now, i don't see any wrong here. If male poses with 'brief on' nothing happens, but if females poses with 'bra/panty'only as wearing, it'll create sensational news headlines not by men, but by same women critisizing the acts. It's women against women, not men.

Regarding beauty pageant shows, activists accused that it's just based on outer beauty not inner beauty. but i say,It's must to have good physical appearance on shows like this. Those are just the ideal talks where people say inner beauties are something more than outer beauties. But in real, everyday life, people tends to show some respect to beautiful ladies than normal looking lady. That's the part of life, nobody can ignore that except doing criticisms and fuming upon.

Organizers are spending lots of money like water, because, firstly they've money ,second they want returns in long run. Just because someone is suffering, does other one have to involve onto his/her suffering too? That other one can atleast try to cease problem of others. I don't think it's extravagant, i agree, country is still in the verge of collapse or development and shows like this could be something illogical but still, where is it wrong? can't they conduct something like that.. marketing products, if brings, more revenue, there is no harm doing it. in returns those models too get well-paid. It's money on both sides. Above all,they(those models) don't have problem why do we bother around? :)

One thing is sure, Miss N E P A L , a phrase, where the word NEPAL is used, it concerns every Nepalese living in this very country and not being able to include all women from all parts of country, is the negative point. There are more beautiful girls than we are seeing right now on television. Organizers must go village to village seeking and make their life better. And the so called platform, avoiding english or keeping it into optional area as a means of communication would be better. Miss Nepal is not only for educated and urban girls only, it's for someone living in remote too. Organizers must think about this in coming days but i don't think there is someone with that much brain on it's jury team. But, somewhere i feel, it's their compulsion to pick only educated girls because someday,she's to represent the country in international scenario.
Anonymous said…
haha navin timi lai po kati bhaa ad herna maan lagchaa keti haru lai ta kta bha ad herna maan lagchaa ni :)
Navin said…
counter thats true, but .. keti ley keti kai ad pani hercha.. it's like to look glamorous, they look keti's ad more then men's.. :)

It's not like we men's attitude. :)
Anonymous said…
Another ashish. O noes!!
Anonymous said…
Hey I am not a feminist or whatever but I am a girl and I do believe that these contests at some point are treating girl as commodities. I don’t believe those Nepalese feminist’s point of view as well but as far as I am concerned I don’t believe that those kinda contests even bolster women to be confident, independent and whatsoever. Yes, I know that these contests usually try to encourage cultural and religious diversity but despite that what we shouldn’t markdown is why do these competitions have height and weight restrictions for the participants. If they are trying to make girls stronger and confident enough, then why not make a dwarf and so called ugly girl more confident and independent? I have also watched those contestants’ ability. The one who wins are usually like “anndho ko desh ma kano raja”. Trying to adopt these things merely because other developed nations do so is simply a stupidity. However, I totally decline those feminists view who say that these contests encourage nudity and blah blah. Wearing skirts, shorts and swimming costumes shouldn’t matter to anybody. Rather, if possible people should try to change the retarded mind of those people (especially guys) who eye girls wearing those dresses with sexually retarded mind.
Anonymous said…
hey navin or whatever,
only thing I would like to tell you is most of the people of the world are dumbass, only few people are good enough to do good judgment. if you really think that since, women catch attention more than boys do then that is your mere stupidity. if women catch men's attention then men will also definitely catch women's attention. However, I don't intend to say that Mr. Nepal should be held nor am I against it totally. But the fact that the participants of the Miss Nepal Contests mostly represent the limited population of Nepal is pitiful. I strongly believe that there are thousands of better girls in nepal who are independent, confident, educated and beautiful in every aspect than those "MISS NEPALS".
Navin said…
Hi Anonymous, men too are treated as commodity in your language. I don't think there is much to fuss about.
Yeh, you are right, there are other beautiful girls than those appeared in the contest.
Nirab Pudasaini said…
well this is to that lady who said i am not a feminist:
well its so much human nature that they dislike somthing that they dont get. well and the reason that ugly gurls can particpate in those contest is because , well the organizers would not like them representin our country in international scenario.

and this is to another anynomus
but there is already a mr nepal but it isnt getting as much publicity because nobodys protesting it . you think about protesting against Mr Nepal and ill think about joining it . Hows that????????

Navin bro
i wanna be a commodity(eh whatever that means)
Unknown said…
Interesting forum!
Great to see that we actually debate and can produce constructive criticisms too rather than throwing personal attacks all the time.
Even if our beauty queens turn keen in doing something worthwhile, I guess most of the time they are held back due to inadequate finance and lack of sponsors. So money plays a vital role in doing almost everything. However, they could volunteer for social causes. Not a stop to it ofcourse!!!
Anonymous said…
Yes, everything has both the negative and a positive side. Well i think the positive side overshadows the negative aspect when it comes to Miss Nepal. Its true that this pageant does not cover all parts of Nepal but hey! each year applications have been distributed in more places than the past year so HELLO!!! change does not JUST happen, it takes time and if ppl stop this right here when will it grow??? Also, the applications have reached in many places so why does the girls not take part in it??? Whats the use if they are pretty or smart if they dun have the guts to give it a try???
Lastly, its all in the head. If you want to see the positive side then u will....and u'd encourage young girls and who knows as the years pass by it becomes better, covers more girls from the country? About using girls as an object....all the girls who participated comes from a good families and there were other platforms to expose...why miss nepal???
Anonymous said…
yeah, why miss Nepal???
Anonymous said…
chi gheen lagdo flat chest no tits
Admin said…
Hi all,
Let me tell you one thing, its not only the Judges' decision who made her Miss Nepal. She's really Talented, Smart and Beautiful in all the ways and she comes from a very good family. In one word, she's "INCOMPARABLE". Great work sis, keep it up!
Rinku said…
nice site buddy keep it up
Navin said…
Thank you Youmania. I appreciate your words.
Anonymous said…
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