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1GB Nike Shoes USB drive

May 19, 2007 6 comments
(थरि थरिका यू एस बि ड्राइभ)

This Japanese-made 1GB Nike Shoes USB drive is attratively price at around Rs 1400($20) which is compatibile both for PC and Mac(needless to say these).

This stylish Nike Shoes design implemented on USB drive hasn't yet drawn attention of Nike Shoe company. But when it does, there would be lots of legal complications. So, it is rush buy. Get it quickly as possible, because tommorrow, it won't be there.

This USB drive has keychain utility as well as the 1GB portable storage as it's main purpose.


Anonymous said…
it looks sooo cute!
Mine's just black and boring! I want this one!

I haven't seen it around here, think I should go out and search!
Anonymous said…
I want one.
Mero afno pen drive ta skeleton matra baki cha. Tyo ni sathiley firtai gardaina.
Navin said…
well, mine is just 32MB silver color pen drive which i bought for Rs 300 around 2 years ago and it's still working... but seeing 8 GB pendrive in market, my pendrive becomes so petty in front of them but since, it's still 30 times larger in storage than conventional floppy diskette, i'm quite happy with it. i don't need lots of files to carry, just few files ... that's it. :)

Prerana, blackies?? lemme see :)

Ashish, hora?? saathi sanga phirta gara bhanney ni aafno pen drive..
Nirab Pudasaini said…
well i had i seen top ten strangest flash drives list ....... i think i will post the link if i find it .........
Anonymous said…
i would like to see some nike shoes made by japanese, isn't cool?
Navin said…
yeh, they are cool. :)

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