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Bill Gates interviewed on Vista

May 26, 2007 6 comments

Jon Steward interviewd Bill Gates asking about couple of things on Windows,PC,Windows vista, it's usage but in very funny manner. Never saw Bill Gates in such an awkward position. This video is taken on Jan 30th,2007 in Italy. Must watch if you are using Windows Operating System.

Uploaded by Funny_Boy


Anonymous said…
HAHAAHA! That man is funny! I like Bill Gates! Go Bill! lol
Navin said…
yeap, i'm fan of this guy. i like his ideas and in this video, he is somewhat teased by this interviewer asking silly questions like his passwords, his pet names. it's harassment but Gates was equally enjoying that chat too.. he is so simple .. yet he is so rich and a great philanthropist
Anonymous said…
Wow. I think you said it all.
Anonymous said…
Billy Silly hehe.

And yeah what does the f12 button do? I only use it to save games.

Ma ta vista haldina. feri mero parents ley porn block hanidincha hehe.
Navin said…
prerana, these days, you are coming in my dreams.. !!!! Are you doing magic to me??

Ashish, i use F12 in dreamweaver to preview site in IE.. everyone has unique use of that key, right??
Anonymous said…
And I thought that F11 was the key used to preview sites in dreamweaver. I'm confused. Haven't used dreamweaver for a long time now.

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