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May 23, 2007 10 comments
Say WorldLink Nepal, they are giving economic email storage of around 2mb for Rs 1100(exclusive VAT). Now, in other hand, take GOOGLE(which is for free). They are giving 20 MB attachment while sending 1 mail at one go(previously it was 10 MB maximum email attachment). What will happen if someone sends 20 MB attachment email to that 2 MB storage email?? so, for the dwellers in highway bandwidth, they got no problem and they're going ahead and ahead but look at this shit called WorldLink's service. Only 2 MB?? They are going backward and backword. But anyway, it's time to thank GOOGLE. They are giving too much, wayyyy too much.

I read Jennifer Slegg's post here where she wrote that all the fake blog sites which are made just to earn money from google adsense and with no original content, they're going to be shut down starting from this coming JUNE. According to her, owner of such sites/blogs are being informed by the Google Team regarding the discontinue of their Adsense account since it didn't contain any genuine content. Along way, she also wrote, other authentic owners will also going to suffer somehow, like, minimized income/earning or something like that in the course of procedures.

If Kathmanduites(काठमान्डौवासी) check their English dailies, their classifieds are infested with something like " Earn $250 in a month," . some even mentioned " Earn more than $1200 per month from reputed internet company". These infestations in classified Ads section are driven by Google's adsense(internet company in there words). They lure the victims(from classified ADs),earn certain amount and put the bogus content,stolen materials on their site and put some irrelevant google adsense which later becomes relevant. Those sites are called "MADE FOR AdSENSE" and their Adsense accounts will be closed starting this JUNE. A BIG SLAP TO THEM!!!

If you also want to keep in touch with Google team, check


Anonymous said…
Yeah wordlink mail sucks and gmail rocks. Only stupid people and companies who want their email addresses to end in will purchase it.

And yeah tyo onlinejobnepal haru sab end huncha. They suck by the way and I am glad I stopped number of people from working there. And I'm sure that those online nepali jobs will use the alternatives to google adsense like adbrite, clicksor, bidvertiser etc etc.

But bro you should hoshiyaar hai adsense sanga. maile ekchoti 98 dollar pugepachi adsense ley malai ban garidyo.
Navin said…
Worldlink need to improve, it's the oldest ISP but if they want to exploit customers, then days ahead are not theirs.

Yeah, such online jobs are in fact not even an online job. They are fooling people.

$98 and you were banned?? you should have asked them... why?? they are real life people who talk very nicely.
Anonymous said…
Google did not give me an exact reason why I was banned. They gave me about 4 reasons and said it could have been because of one of those reasons or something like that. In nepal we share our ip addresses so I guess I was banned because of fake clicks.
Navin said…
seriously, if the IP is the problem, then we should inform Google. Well, i'll do that , inform them and lets see n what they say. If this is the problem , then there is no other way but to stop using any Ad script on our site.
Anonymous said…
Yeah IP is a big problem. If you tell google about this then they will probably reply saying something like this "clicks cannot be made from your ip address and if you like to view the ads then there is a google adsense testing tool"
Nirab Pudasaini said…
Google have unclear banning policies so i haven't use ad sense yet .......
Anonymous said…
I have similar problem but its related to PIN . Google says they have sent me the PIN but i haven't received.. they say they have done it twice.. now i am left with just one chance to request sending them again.. otherwised 100 dollars is gone for me too
Navin said…
that's very sad experiences., i just wrote them an email at regarding this suspension of adsense account and their automated reply ended in my inbox letting me know that either they would or wouldn't reply my mail.
I'm waiting for their reply else, i'll discuss with them on their blog support.
Indeed , this is very bad, if it's happening.
Anonymous said…
hamilai pani bhana hai k reply pathayo googleley navin bro.
Nirab Pudasaini said…
My instincts say that they will not reply .........

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