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Internet Browser fun.

May 17, 2007 8 comments
You've to put the following codes without quotes in the browser's address bar(the place where you type But before that, put the browser in Restore mode, not in maximized windowed mode. Works both in Internet Explorer and Mozilla firefox.

Try this,Catch it if you can, put the IE window in Restore mode(not in maximized window mode). Put(copy/paste) the code below exactly in address bar without quotes.


"javascript:function reverse() { var inp = " moc.ffugorem:ysetruoc ! dekcah si tnuocca liamtoH ruoY "; var outp="";for (i = 0; i <= inp.length; i++) { outp=inp.charAt (i) + outp;}alert(outp) ;}; reverse();"



Anonymous said…
the third code displayed a runtime error message ??????? is that suppposed to happen ????????
Anonymous said…
wow majja ayo. browser ta k ho testo ni garna mailney raicha. hehehe. dammizz. ani i hope that my hotmail is not hacked :D

anonymous: third code majjaley chalcha mero ma
Anonymous said…
anonymous, it's because, Firefox is not rendering the page properly.

Try it with Internet Explorer. You'll see the full code out there.
Anonymous said…
I tried the first one, and I got sooo scared! I crossed it out straight away!
It's because I am at college right now, so thought if something went wrong, that would be a problem! hehe

Okay, now I'm scared to try out the rest!


Quite cool though!
Anonymous said…
Ooooo! I tried the rest out!

First ones definitely my favourite! hehehehhe!

My hotmail isn't hacked right? Aiii, OKAY I'm Stupid!
Navin said…
Prena, don't worry, see?? it's just for fun.. fun boleto fun.. nothing to worry about..

just show this stuff to your friends too.. and make them laugh either..

Anonymous said…
Of course i tried it with IE . IE 6 . should i have SP2 or it works with SP1 also ???????????
Navin said…
anonymous, i too have IE 6 but with Windows XP 2,

it runs well and all the codes are seen.

but when i checked my site with firefox, i didn't see all my codes. you can try from another computer by the way., if you don't mind..

thanks for your time

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