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Wireless Electronic Communication to go Nation Wide

May 29, 2007 4 comments
Nepal Telecommunications Authority(NTA) has decided to go for Unified Licensing system. With this System, Telecom companies don't have to get new license for every new service they introduce. Yes, that is today's scenario where Telecom has to get new license if they're to launch New Services. Getting new license for new service means spending CRORES of Rupees on that. Which i think is total turnoff for Telecom companies.

Today UTL(United Telecom) and NT(Nepal Telecom) has limited mobility CDMA phone. Similarly, Spice Nepal has only license for GSM. Now, if this new Unified Licensing system is applied, they've full freedom to operate many services under same license. I think that's pretty much positive initiative going on.

Lets assume, if this happens, those telecom companies don't have to spend crore of rupees on license. If they don't have to spend that buck, they can cut down the price of services they offer to public. That means pure competition and when those businesses have competition, it's us,the consumer to get benefits.

I foresee that more Private and multinational companies would be interested to launch it's service if it goes nationwide. Now, certainly with this new licensing system, UTL will be spreading its limited CDMA mobility across the country. Previously, the government policy was restricting it to do that way.

I still remember those thousands of thousands people craving for NT's simcard because of low price factor. I wish not to see such crazy flocks of people in days ahead.


Anonymous said…
Nepal government ko rule haru. Crore crore lagnay hai.
Navin said…
yeap, i also didn't know that but yesterday, i read that crores of rupees are needed.. which is mentioned on one of their press release.
Nirab Pudasaini said…
well i would use the NT's limited mobility phone if it goes nationwide ........ i thin i would have to buy a new CDMA mobile set for that ........ any recommendation????????
Unknown said…
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