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Archive of more than 20,000 books digitized and free for use.

Jun 24, 2007 4 comments
Anyone who contributed towards the digitization of books, thanks to them. Though, i'm not quite a book reader, there is immense usability of keeping books in digital format. We can use it as reference in future and am pretty much sure, it helps us save cutting of trees and forests for printing those books in hard form on and on.

There are so many peoples around me, who are very fond of reading books,novels etc. I'm not sure if they like reading it on computer monitor for long or so but to see the current context, life is going digital. I mean today, nobody can lead a way of living without being digital. Carrying Cellphone, laptop is must to exist in today's official scenario without which dreaming about world is almost impossible. From the paper oriented conventional office environment, thanks to digital era, now it's not unusual to see paperless office. I was quite happy when the Information and Communication Minister K.B Mahara, few weeks ago stated that he would put all his efforts to make all ministries paperless. If not, he is quite sure to make his own ministry , a paperless office within few months. That's a positive initiative. With paperless office, its meant to keeping all records in hard disk, not in bunch of piles of dust storing folders and desks. With this, retrieving information will be more scientific and more accurate, faster office operation is added benefit.

When we read a book, to find certain words or paragraph, we've to check on indexes and then flip pages accordingly. If not, intelligently we can keep bookmark paper slides. But when that book goes digital, within a few seconds we can reach anywhere, any part of the book. That's how fast digital ebook or any written materials work for us.

Due to long time staring at monitor, lots of complains regarding the eye stress,headaches are made. Now, what's the use of that benefit which comes along with the sufferings. So, people has started creating electronic portable ebook readers. Some worked just on Sun's solar power and some worked for battery's power. They are still expensive gadgets to own and quite not popular. So, people from china started writing novel off the mobile phone. I don't remember that guy's name but he set the record of writing first novel ever in mobile devices. Now, mobile phone software developer started writing small mobile applications to read books through it. It's so good. I sometimes read books(tech related mostly) from my mobile phone lying in the bed and it's so nice and i thank to technology for bringing that facility. Now, these days, PDA,Blackberry,Cell phones can equally read thousands of pages of book. We must thank to those people who brought us such benefits.

iRex iLiad mobile eBook reader
Electronic devices like this is our future books, when students will just carry something like this in near future instead of bags full of heavy books and copies

So, what's the clue of this writing here. Well, there is a downloadable archive of nearly over 20,000 great books. These books were once in hard copy but some people started digitizing it since 70's and today we've over 20,000 great books available to read free of charge. If someone is searching for classic best seller which is out of print or not readily available in second-hand sales can dig this database. It's called Project Gutenberg. is the portal to over 20,000 ebooks. To know about what Project Gutenberg is and things related copyright issues, click here.

There you can search books by title and authors. Enjoy reading.


Nirab Pudasaini said…
Gutenberg site is really difficult to navigate and i usally get lost ....... you can also get a huge collection of over 1000 great books at
Navin said…
ho ra bro, but once i got the CD 640 MB, full of ebook just in *.txt format and that CD wasn't even a complete. I guess they've huge repository of ebook and they don't use images, just plain text files. and where did you feel you lost bro? i think navigation is not that hard on gutenberg.
Anonymous said…
Can I get my college ko textbooks?
Nirab Pudasaini said…
Maybe i get lost finding the books from the huge collection . By the way i think i should come to your place to get that CD . Its a real pain to download from my dail up .

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