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Jun 17, 2007 8 comments
There are very few chatrooms in Nepal to talk online. The egoistic impressions of the chat moderators are the most disappointment thing for most newcomers. Keeping those things in mind, following Buddha's serenity and path, all the new chatters are warmly welcomed and there is no definite theme but to spread message of peace,brotherhood and friendship all over the place. Let's make new friends, let's chat on anything.

Click here to Join the MeroGuff Chatroom Instantaneously

Users are encouraged to Register their nickname. Issue this command to register their nick.

/ns register password email

Next time, users have to identify their nick with this command:

/ns identify password

Only Registered users can send Private messages to each other. And if Anonymous Users want to share Private messages, issue this command on their nick:
/mode user -R

+R is ON by default to prevent harassment in PM(Private Message) .

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Anonymous said…
k garney yaar chat room ma gayera..
tyo @Royal chat bot ho ki k ho..
matra huncha.. :(
Anonymous said…
Aba timi afnu sathi haru lai bolau ani ma afnu sathi lai bolaunchaa ....... that's how a network grows and thats how comminuty is built .......
Anonymous said…
hmm.. speed bro ko kura ta ekdam thik ho. aba aauney ek barsa ma chat room full. dekhina paos.
yehi nai cha hamro ktm pariwar lai
Navin said…
kalu bro ko aashirbaad laagi jaaos, haita?? he he
Nirab Pudasaini said…
The server is huge ........... when i applied the list channel command my irc cient crashed
Navin said…
oh?? which client are you using bro
Nirab Pudasaini said…
Miranda IM (IRC v
Kevin said…
The chat seems to be working well which is now running by Nepal IRC "" And there are users too.

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