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USB faults

Jun 2, 2007 2 comments
There is a kid in my neighbourhood. He got a peculiar problem in his computer. There is no error message but his system got hanged when he tried to shut down the PC. I was seeing all these and What i tried , they are as like :

1. i cleared the pagefile,before shutdown. I know it's not possible easily but i managed.
2. i closed all applications before shutdown.
3. i Checked device manager for any conflicting icons
4. and so many others i forgot what i did.

Nothing listed above helped me to get rid of the problem( it just consumed my lots of time). So, something popped into my mind and i knew somehow that USB devices are conflicting. I've experienced that in past. Whenever i tried to work with two cell phones connecting through two USB cables, i got file transfer problems etc. So, i've been using One cellphone at a time in a single computer. Even with the slightest voltage up and down, both my USB keyboard and USB mouse got hanged(after updating motherboard drivers,it got resolved though). So, these are some of the issues with USB things so far i remembered.

And i figured out there is couple of USB devices plugged into his machine (printer, gamepad,scanner etc). Now, taking each and every devices out and checking system was a very long and hectic process to me. So, i tried to resolve that from device manager at first and it worked.

What i did:

1. Go to Device Manager screen ( you can go there in many ways, either type devmgmt.msc in Start-->Run or Right-click the My computer Icon,Click Properties and then click the hardware tab, click the Device Manager button)

2. Click on Universal Serial Bus Controllers. There right-click the USB Root Hub entry and click properties. Click the Power Management Tab and Uncheck "Allow The Computer To Turn Off This Device To Save Power"

Thats it.

Now, the shutdown was successful and no hang-ups.

I think this shouldn't be any problem in newer system.


kalu said…
hey navin.
really nice piece of info.
keep it up..
i would hope to read more stuffs like this.
Thanks bittertruth.
btw will u mind ?? if I call u bittertruth :)
Navin said…
It's okay bro, i don't mind

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