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iPhone unLocked

Jul 6, 2007 1 comments
One major issue with iPhone is it's just limited to AT&T only in US or with the other service provider with whom Apple Inc has dealing with. So, only the service provider can sell this thing which has an exclusive deal with Apple Inc.

Recent news are spreading related to unlock iPhone. Hackers are trying hard to find a way and they are successful to some limit. Once someone purchases iPhone, he/she has to go through hectic process of activating it using iTunes. Once activated, a token is received on that particular set. Normally, that token is reserved only to one iPhone.

Hackers attempt let that token to activate so many other iPhones without actually using iTunes(connection to Apples server) but hackers tool called DeCSS. Using DeCSS, one can activate his/her iPhone with the help of known token and without using iTunes. Hackers are not providing tokens with the tool. But whatever it's, 50 % job is done. May be very soon, they'll release a tool or way with which even a token might not be needed.

And one more thing, iPhone is priced at around $599. Some engineers dissected it and found out that the materials,chips used within barely cost more than $250. So, Apple Inc is making double the actual rate of profit.

Belows are the screenshots of iPhone being operated.


Anonymous said…
wow. incredible

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