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How to get your Own Unique Hotmail ID

Jul 13, 2007 9 comments
Do you want to get I think that's not hardest thing and you can get your own personalized email add for free. For my case, though i don't own, i added for free in this tutorial. I'm gonna show you step by step how.

First of all,microsoft hotmail is full of hidden goodies. To maximize the user experience,it has transformed itself into Windows Live Mail. First of all, lets do signup as usual way to get unique Hotmail ID.

1. Go to

2. Click the Sign Up button there. The next screen showing hotmail form comes up. In the address bar, just copy the below Javascript, paste it there in the browser's address bar and click Enter.

(NOTE: for some strange reason, is not letting me paste Javascript in post area here. Even though i pasted it here forcibly, it showed broken scripts which wouldn't work. So, i put the screenshot above how it looked. And, i know it's difficult to write above code and paste it, so please download the script in txt format from here. Sorry for the inconvenience)

3.Once you copied & pasted the above javascript in the address bar, you'll see the following message after hitting Enter Key.

4. Now, you'll see something like this below.

(wish you had your own choice of domains listed out there?? no problem, just edit the variables in that javascript code)

5. And, start entering details of your personalized email. In my case, once i chose,it'll check for the availability, if it's available then steps forward are easy to carry out.

Best of luck.

Warning: This tips didn't work well in Firefox. Please try it in IE.


Anonymous said…
sorry for being off topic but you have got to help me.It's abt my adsense thingy. my post box no is 8507 kathmandu Nepal. When i put it in adsense it says the correct format for your area is like 44200 what is it saying and how do i correct it? help me dude.
Navin said…
the format 44200 is for US postal system.
Make sure that you selected your country as Nepal. When you select country as Nepal, let your browser refresh for sometimes. Then enter your postal code again and forward the procedures.

I suggest you to use either IE or Opera instead of firefox if problem persists.
Anonymous said…
can we do this on any domain name? cuz when i tried on one it showed something liek this:

Windows Live Hotmail doesn't support this type of an account.

Please visit the Windows Live Account Registration site for more information.

Navin said…
Ashish, you are right. Previously, it was working according to some guys on hackers forum. We can get any domains we like, this way as But, now-a-days, we'll be unable to send/receive emails(u r seeing that message right?) unless we actually own that '' and configure the DNS of the domain to hotmail's MX server.

Now, i have created and i don't own That means i can't send/receive mails using this email address albeit i can use Msn messenger with this email address( the ugly title hanging 'Emails unverified' is seen all the time.

now, i'm planning to use I own To be able to send/receive mails using hotmail storage(server), i've to make small changes on my domain's MX record setting. how do i change that MX records?

# Step 1 (Required): Change or add an MX Record (Mail Exchange Record) for your domain to have the following values:

* Host:
* MX server:
* TTL: 3600 or 1 hour
* Priority: 10 (or High priority)

# Step 2 (Required): Delete all other MX Records that are not set to the value above.
# Step 3 (Recommended): Add a SenderID which is a TXT Record (Text Record) for your domain with the following values:

* Host:
* Value: v=spf1 ~all
* TTL: 3600 or 1 hour (if requested)
Now, once i make these changes, i will be able to use for sending/receiving mails and the added benefit would be; i'd be using hotmails free storage and i'd be using msn messenger. Others will be shocked to see @meroguff being seen on their msn list.

Hotmail has termed this concept as Custom Hotmail domains where a person would be using a personalized email but at the same time using free hotmail space. If you search this keywords, you'll be finding many useful links. But, here i'm saving your time, you can directly log-in to and check for all the infos.
Hem Acharya said…
really cool made one for my domain
Anonymous said…
hmm ok bro. Can u do the same for :P
Navin said…
Hem sir, congrats :)

Ashish bro, i think to use that we've to change some settings and i think you can do it bro, because domain controller is with you. hoina ra? anyway best of luck..
Anonymous said…
i got the ID but not the email id... i was trying to change MX record previously for google apps but my host Godaddy is so bad that my upadated MX records are not reflted since then
Navin said…
godaddy sucks bigtime,

hem sir, felt so bad to read that.. :)

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