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Internet Addiction Test

Aug 12, 2007 10 comments
Too much of everything is a disease. So, spending too much of our time online is also a disease which is better known as Internet Addiction Disorder(IAD). This habit cuts our family life and hindering our social life activities. Normally, who is suffering from IAD, they are unsocial and ill-mannered that's how they are projected.

Some Symptoms of IAD are like:-
* Spending too much time on the net or while you are sleeping
* The strong desire for privacy when On-Line
* Signing up to multiple web-based email services

and more more, check this link

To find really, if one is suffering from IAD, there is a site which test our level of internet addiction:

I checked mine, and i got result like this:

You are an average on-line user. You may surf the Web a bit too long at times, but you have control over your usage.


Anonymous said…
Haha. Mero ni tehi same results aayo!
Very good!
Anonymous said…
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Like "That is so gay" is similar to saying "That is so not good" or "She is so gay" could mean "She is so annoying."
Get it?

Mofos is actually a very very very VERY VERY VERY VERY bad word when it is said in full but when it is said in short (mofo) it's not really bad at all, just day to day slang whereas the full version, very bad, which I would never say. I don't know if I should write it here.

Despo is short for Desperate.

Xanga ma reply garnu milcha but I don't know why I never reply to my comments there.
Navin said…
Thank you for the enlightenment
Anonymous said…
HEHE! No worries.
Ani haina keee! Why does everyone say Ritesh is mero new crush. I liked him before I even knew who Himesh Reshammiya was.
Masti herepachi manpareko ho and that film was out in like 2004!

And you're not crazy for not watching new indian movies, they're nothing special so nahere ni kei hunna!
Chutney ko kapal is very nice HAHA.
Navin said…
oho, that's the reason.. umm.
Anonymous said…
You are experiencing occasional or frequent problems because of the Internet. You should consider their full impact on your life.
Navin said…
laaa, aashish bro is having online addiction..ehehe..
Anonymous said…
tehi ho internet addiction problem bhairakheko cha. ani mero score ni feri 75 thyo ajha 5 thapeko bhayeko arko level ko addiction ma pugthyo.
Navin said…
oh ho, we all are kindda addicted to net. Without internet, now life is almost impossible to maintain but there are few people who keep themselves just out of technology. They believe, they are not slave of technology. Believe me, some of these guys are the richest corporates who don't even carry a must-have devices like PDA or cellphone. Now, what else can we say for them?

Whatever, i think the previous belief or standard on net addiction must be changed. :)
Anonymous said…
Internet addiction is one of the very dangerous problem which is growing all over the world. Number of teens are also addicted to Internet and they are spoiling their whole life for that.
Internet Addiction

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