Top Nav - Crazy ways to destroy your mobile phones

Aug 26, 2007 2 comments
Do you hate your cellphone? Do you hate particular brand and it's product.? If so, here is a bizzare way to release your fury over your phone and show it to the world. is what you are looking for. Send your mobile phones to,hire beautiful models from this site and they show you how they smashed/destroyed your phone.

Awkwardly, this site wants you to become member using your credit card or some other sort of online transaction means, and only members can view all the videos and pictures of phones being smashed by gorgeous looking models.

Although, there are preview videos and pictures of what they usually do there.

Mobile phones being smashed - video


Anonymous said…
This is so weird it's kinda freaky
Navin said…
oh yeah.. some people have weird fantasy.. :)

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