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Things to do before and after coming USA

Aug 23, 2007 16 comments
Things To Do Before Coming To The USA

* Learn typing
* Learn driving- If possible get IDP
* Learn to cook
* Get Medical Checkup Done - dental and fresh checkup, especially if you have a major ailment
* Get prescriptions & medicines for all common ailments (the technical name of the medicine along with Indian/US brand name).
* get your eye-sight checked - get a new prescription. Buy atleast one extra pair of glasses.
* Get requisite immunization done (especially MMR)
* get cassettes recorded which you may like to take with you
* Ask someone to receive you and give your flight #, time & date Plan for temporary accomodation if necessary
* Note your/parent's bank Account Number
* Take all the backups/softwares on harddrive with you along with the txt files printed which contains useful phone nos,email address of friends/relatives living in USA.

10 Things To Do After Coming To The USA
(Extracted from Shashi Lakkaraju's article)

A day or two after you have landed in the US, there are some things that need immediate attention and others that can wait. Here is a list of top ten things that you need to do , if you get a job in the US and need to stay here for an extended period of time.

01-Social Security Card-It does not cost anything to get a social security card, however it is impossible to do anything else without it. Your Social Security number is the unique number assigned to you and everything that you do in the US such as applying for a loan, paying taxes etc. Having a card is necessary for everyone.

02-Drivers License-Obtaining a drivers license is important because at drivers license is accepted as a common form of identification in US. There is a vision test, written test and a road test involved in getting a drivers license. Contact the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office. The whole process may take some time, therefore initiate the process as soon as you can.

03-Opening a bank account-Opening a bank account is important so that you can have a cheque book to pay for your rent, utility bills etc and also for your salary to get credited to your account.

04-Health Insurance-It is extremely important to have your health insurance as soon as possible. Medical bills are steep in this country and not having a health insurance can lead to a lot of problems. Your employer should be providing you health insurance if that is the case make sure you have it as soon as you can. Some employers expect you to get your own insurance and expect you to pass the bill on to the employer in which case you need to get one immediately.

05-Credit Card-It helps to have a credit card in this country, however since you will not have any credit history in the country, it is not easy to get one. Some credit card agencies will ask you to deposit some money and issue you a credit card against the money. Even if that is the case, get the credit card so that you can start establishing your credit in the country.

06-Calling Card-If you are new to the country, you are going to miss friends and family back home. Look for calling cards to dial Nepal. Calling cards allow you the flexibility to dial from anywhere and also since you pay the money upfront, you are not likely to run into a situation where you are caught unawares as to how much money you are spending on your phone calls. Shop around for these cards, the best place to get them is in the Indian grocery store or visit site like classified for cheap calling card in Nepal.

07-Apartment hunting-Now that you are slowly settling in, you need an apartment. Start hunting for apartments, most Amercian grocery stores have freely booklets available on apartments in the region. These booklets provide all the information that you need, shortlist the ones that meet your financial needs, your location requirements etc.

08-Find an Indian Grocery shop-Finding an Indian Grocery shop nearby is very helpful if you plan to cook Indian food at home and if you need a calling card to call Nepal

09-Apply for an account with a Credit Union-It is easy to get car loans from Credit Unions, if you intend buying a car in the near future, it is worthwhile to open an account with a Credit Union. Even though there are several advertisements on getting car loans at low rates, with no credit history in the country, it is not easy to get any of these loans.

10-Get a telephone connection-While calling cards are good for calling Nepal, there are deals with leading telephone companies such as AT& T, MCI etc for making calls to Neal. Also a telephone connection will help in getting in touch with friends and family within the United States.



Anonymous said…
Only if it was UK, my life would be much better, but I guess all I can do is face reality and accept you are off to USA!
Kina USA ke, UK nai ramro cha! *sad face*

I got some "befores and afters" for you too.(for choosing USA over UK *angry face*)

Things to do before you go to USA -
*Come online EVERY SINGLE DAY.
*Make sure you have a little (or big) chat with me (although big chats can be very unlikely, I know.)
*More than one comment on every one of my blog entries.
*Return comments on every single comment I make on any post of yours.(I know you do but still.)
*Email me, A LOT.
* & give me a *ring ring* or I want to anyway.

Things to do after you get to USA -

Just one thing actually. USA bata ta jhan dherai minutes haru paucha tyo card bata. I will be expecting those calls. I don't care if you're a busy busy man! Hahahaha. Ani of course, ma ni garchu.

Ah ani online pani aune hai. Just because you're in USA doesn't mean you forget all these things.

Details email ma bhanchu pachi.

Okaaaaaaaaay. There you are.
I'm still not happy with you for going to USA but I am happy for you too! HEHEHEHE!
Anonymous said…
oh ho USA jana lageko navin bro.
la la congratulations and have a nice journey hai..
Enjoy America
don't forget Nepal and Us.
Navin said…
saathi, ma kasailai birsidina yaar. baru ma Jivan Jiuna birsanchu hola bestata ko karan ley, tara mera mitra haru lai ma kahiley pani birsinna. :)
Anonymous said…
Navin i just had an appointment with yamaraj.It was a job interview at yamalok but apparently i failed. And thank god i failed. oh and you got your visa?
i nearly did too but it had Yamalok's stamp on it. not kidding this time.
Anonymous said…
tHiS iS mY rEiNcArNaTiOn.
Navin said…
Sulav, oh my god?? what happen to you bro? i was indeed worried about you since there was no sign of you and you're like nowhere to be seen online.
What happened actually? any kind of accident or what bro?? thank god, you are back.. and, please be careful while you go anywhere.. you are right, death is walking in every galli and nukkad, we don't have to give it any chance to stumble near by us.

Be SAFE!!! Thank god one more time.
Anonymous said…
It was a medical emergency diagnosed as UGI bleeding but i am safe now.But i lost much of blood so i am resting.
Navin said…
oh my god. please take good care of yourself hai bro?? and pay special care to your food. Don't eat meat and spicy foods. i think you know all these. and only boiled foods. This is a killer disease if it goes untreated. My frends father had this same disease and he's fine by now. Weight lose, chest pain,black stool,etc i think are some of the symptoms.
Anonymous said…
any free voip u know of which would let you call usa and canada free beside icall. icall is good even in my 56kbps i was able to talk to one of my brother,No रुकावट
do a little research if u have to.
thanks in advance.And thank me if u didn't know about icall just kidding ha ha ha
Navin said…
seriously i didn't know about icall. i'll search about this thing shortly
Anonymous said…
apparantly there are sites which let you call free of cost to any part of the world from usa too. All you need to do is a little bit of head scraching(research) using google.
Navin said…
Sulav bro, thank you yaar. i'll do scratching my hair stuff.. :)
Anonymous said…
navin plz register with jaxtr invite i just sent you in your inbox.thanks in advance
Anonymous said…
search for my account there it is listed as sulavaryal then give it a try.ok i have not tried coz i have no friends their registered. i am sure this thing works.And i am guessing becoz it called me using some virtual local number while registering my mobile.
Navin said…
Sulav Sir, i just check my mail inbox at gmail and hotmail.
i didn't get any invite emails, not even in Junk Mails??
anyway, thanks for sharing me your wonderful words.
keep posting
Anonymous said…
look for a subject line that says "Link to call me for free" in your gmail account.i don't know your hotmail add.

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