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Google Hacks

Sep 5, 2007 2 comments
Last time, i was having a brief chit-o-chat with Binay aka Kenshin and he was elaborately giving me an impression that google is the best thing on the net. I didn't readily agree with him because, it is the geek's tool and normal user can't do anything to find precisely what he/she wanted. That doesn't mean, i'm against google. I'm still with it and i say it's the best tool of everyone. Be it hacker, cracker, researcher,scientist,doctor or be it student or casual internet surfer like old grandma just trying to learn surfing net. It's everyone's favourite. It's not just information searching site. It's much more than that in case if someone didn't know about that.

The main point of writing this post today is significant. It is because someone already did the coding in GUI and served us with the plethora of choices we can have with it. Normally, it's very hard to remember all those hardcore commands to give at google but it's easy with this tool.

Google hacks main screen

It's called 'Google Hacks' and just selecting some options, and some relevant search strings would give you results on web url. This tool is backed by the most intrigued google commands in backend. One doesn't need to have any command on any google commands. geez. Just use this tool and google will be at your step.

Download from the link below:


Anonymous said…
I tried hai, but I don't get it. It doesn't load properly mero ma, but I think it's my computer. Will keep trying.
Navin said…
since few months, i've started to encrypt my downloads. that means, anyone who downloads has to use special unrar(extracting) software like WINRAR and second, they've to give password to extract. password is
"" without quotes.

May be you don't have winrar installed on your computer. You can download it from anywhere on the net. :)

If you download WinRar and issue the passwords, you'll see all the works getting done.

and the host where am uploading my files is not letting me upload filename with extention like .mp3,.exe,.com and like that. So, i've to rar(compress) to upload them. It would have been easy for you if i wouldn't have rarred(compresed) them but you see, they don't want the files in original shape because of security risk. :(

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