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How to download YouTUBE video and save it to harddisk

Oct 14, 2007 5 comments
While some video sharing sites are giving download link as an option still some conventional and big popular sites like YouTube is not letting us easily download all those videos we liked.
(please click the 'read more' link below)

Saving videos were easy jobs for hardcore geeks but for normal user? do they know how to dig into temporary internet folder and get what he has just seen? Some are even frustrated to download browser plugins which show 'Download' links during mouse over to the YouTUBE videos.Be it firefox or IE, plugins always sucked. They just made your browser crash or sometime, didn't work due to lots of compatibility issues, version fuss and bugs.. pheww..

Here is a very reliable and easy alternative.

Kiss YouTube !!! yeah, KissYoutube used to be a and still it's . It let you rip the video off online. But now, it's giving us downloadable alternative.
Download KissYouTube

I mean, we've to download Kissyoutube.exe as a download, install it in our computer and give the Youtube video link
(eg: we'd like to download and click 'Download' button. It's very simple.
Kiss YouTube interface

Now, video will be downloaded, playable into any latest media players and if you are unfortunate, it may not play because the video has got .flv extention(and it's default name would be 'getvideo' without no extension and so) and you might need special FLV player. My Best bet would be to use VLC player to play almost all kind of media files available today.

What if you need to Edit the video. You've to then convert it to normal codec friendly format like .avi mpeg format. YouTube FLV to AVI Converter Pro does the job.

Now, you can use VirtualDub or Window's Movie player to do basic editing and so.

More on next time


Anonymous said…
I am sooo trying this now!
Anonymous said…
yah. out of all those sites and addons which offer youtube video downloading, kissyoutube is my favourite one.
Unknown said…
Yeah. Kiss youtube is the best youtube video downloading tool that I have ever seen.
Navin said…
Prerana, Yeap, it's great.. :) you would love it. :) Still i wonder, if google would give us that download link instead of giving us so much trouble to download their videos.

Ashish, exactly bro. :)
Andy Smith said…
I like this lazy of adding a "want" or a "kiss" to dl youtube vids! It's really easy to remember!

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