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How to find if someone has blocked you in MSN messenger

Oct 3, 2007 3 comments
Any idea?? how to find if someone has blocked you on msn messenger?? well, not a fullproof idea but it works to some extent.

It's called Triople MSN Block checker.

and, nah, you don't need to enter your hotmail address/password. nothing like that. It just scans the port where the msn messengers sent packets.

Simply type in the email address and check if they've blocked you or not

There are certain things to follow up. If the person has set certain rules on his msn client, then this msn block checker may not give accurate result.

To view what's it all about and check the person's email id if he/she has blocked you or not, CLICK HERE

And, the traditional method is to add that person from another id. If that person blocks you in one id, but you see him/her online from another id, you obviously know what's the deal after then. Well, MSN messenger can't be run more than one instance. So, i suggest you to use, aMSN. Download it from here


Anonymous said…
omg that's super cool.
I checked one or two, good that I haven't caught anyone yet! hehe
Navin said…
in msn messenger, we've some preferences that we can set. If such settings are tinkered, then this tool won't help. this is mentioned on the site itself :) please read all those things on that site :) you'll get all idea
Anonymous said…
Yo chain gajjab ko kaam lagne idea rahechha.....

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