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Arabian blogger jailed

Dec 29, 2007 7 comments
I don't know, why and how, i feel some kind of connection with the bloggers around the world. When i read news about bloggers being victimized, some sort of unhappiness engulfs within. I'm writing about a blogger who's jailed practically for no criminal reasons but just for blogging, blogging against his own society's dirt in the hope he could make people aware and bring some good changes. But alas!!! The only guilt of this Arabian blogger, and IT professional Fouad Ahmed al-Farhan, 32, was that he criticized the extremism society of his autocratic government. We all know how restrictive and abusive muslim society is. And, he is victimized, his freedom to speak and write has been abused. He didn't write for terrorism, he didn't promote illegal activities what he did was he wrote against the negative things about political leaders. Critically analyzed his own system,wrote to make people aware of what's wrong and what's right. He tried to lit the ray of hope for his own kind by trying to tell them what's cooking inside his system, how real islamic values are being slowly superseded, how extremist they are becoming day by day, where is the freedom, sense of security, equality and where is the justice. He might have thought, leaders might change their attitude and working pattern and realize how their people were thinking about them. But, he couldn't change some bad things about his system instead, they changed him and must be persistent to change him by forcing him to sign on an Apology letter.
He was arrested on December 10 and since then, he's unheard and unnoticed. Few days before he got arrested, he managed to send an email to his friend and that's how we all bloggers around the world knew about his arrest. His email was like below:

I was told that there is an official order from a high-ranking official in the Ministry of the Interior to investigate me. They will pick me up anytime in the next 2 weeks.

The issue that caused all of this is because I wrote about the political prisoners here in Saudi Arabia and they think I’m running a online campaign promoting their issue. All what I did is wrote some pieces and put side banners and asked other bloggers to do the same.
he asked me to comply with him and sign an apology. I’m not sure if I’m ready to do that. An apology for what? Apologizing because I said the government is liar when they accused those guys to be supporting terrorism?

To expect the worst which is to be jailed for 3 days till we write good feedback about you and let u go

there may be no jial and only apologizing letter. But, if it’s more than three days, it should be out. I don’t want to be forgotten in jail.” hat there is an order from a high-ranking official in the Ministry of the Interior to investigate me. They will pick me up anytime in the next 2 weeks.

His blog which is in Arabian language,seems to be run by his friend because there is a big FREE FOUAD banner at his blog. Pleading everyone to support his sooner release campaign. LET's Support and vow together for his dignified release.


waliz said…
'We all know how restrictive and abusive muslim society is'..i beg to differ...that is not what our religion teach us..and there are so many muslims loves peace and wouldnt want to hurt people....

i hate terrorism and they wrong if they use religion to gain wht they want...but in this context i know this guy talked ab his society and i didnt know wht kind society he got..maybe a bunch of narrow minded people...
WaiKee said…
Saudi Arabia right? Maybe their country is sensitive about politic stuff :-/
hopefully he will be alright :-/
Navin said…
waliz, my intention was not to hurt the muslim sentiments. but that's how they are projected to us.. may be my bad.. muslim values are different, much sober.. may be thats what FOUAD wanted to tell. but anyways.. thanks for the comment
Hi, Merdurian, yeah. :) lets hope so :)
Anonymous said…
Did the nepalese government come after you when you posted about their site being hacked??
Navin said…
no, they didn't come. if they need to go after someone like me, then they have to go after 2 crore Nepalese. Because, somewhat somewhere, they are normally found criticizing the government. So, there is no clue of me getting followed or so.. after all, it's peoples rule there and everyone can say the things which is reality. why should i be bothered by them?
Aakar said…
I don't have any idea,But it's very bad that blogger has been vicitmized.....
Navin said…
yeah, it's indeed a very bad news..

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