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Don't Click it

Dec 2, 2007 6 comments
The most basic thing we do while surfing net is CLICKING. A guy from Germany named Alex has thought of one unique idea of surfing net. Yeah, that unique idea of surfing net is without clicking any link,surfing the whole internet. Is that possible?

I don't know how people would take it, but i liked the concept. I tried it and it's nicely done. The site is flash based and would take around 2 seconds to load into broadband and may be 30 seconds on dialup to load whole 220 KB flash site.

You can give it a try.

click here to try DON'T CLICK IT.


Anonymous said…
LOL impossible.. how could people surfing net without clicking any link?
Navin said…
they are planning.. :)) who knows what future brings???
Anonymous said…
But I think It's impossible with out clicking any link ........ hehehe
Navin said…
that's also the right judgement :)
Anonymous said…
So narrow minded. There have been lots of other things which people thought were impossible before but then actually got made so shouldn't dismiss such ideas.

I would so love it if that happened. I hope it does....

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