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Dec 23, 2007 9 comments
During these holidays, i'm working on moving to new server and i'm designing new template for my blog. I'm extremely sorry for any inconvenience caused by that.
Please don't forget to Visit Back.

48 hours is my estimated downtime projection.
Hope you'll keep up with me.

my dear friends and beloved ones. Happy Holidays!!! Seems like i won't be having enough free time cos i'm totally going to be engulfed by Santa Claus and New Year season. So, it's clear, i won't be doing anything to change stuffs on my blog for now.


ArahMan7 said…
Hi Navin. Thanks for your informative comments on Web Directory.

Yeah, I understood what you meant, and for now I've decided to create a new blog with Blog*Spot leaving Web Directory on her own. Maybe I don't want to lose her PR3.

Even though I've to start again with PR0, I think I can do it again to gain PR.

Are you celebrating Christmas? Then, Merry Christmas to you.

See you around. Greetings and lotta loves from Malaysia.
deepa said…
wow all the best.
Navin said…
Arahman7, lots of love from Nepal too. :) thanks for visiting this blog :)

Deepa, thank you and you too have good times :)
WaiKee said…
hey hey hey Merry Christmas Navin!!
Anonymous said…
Navin bro why dont you use wordpress. The main problem is that when we enter for comment page will be browse new page so its quite boaring he he so when you upgrade than plz try word press.
Navin said…
Merry Christmas Merdurian :)

Amit bro, comments have been configured. Now, it'll popup in new page, no more new page on same page while making comments :)

and, is my wordpress blog :) experimenting with it for the time being.
Anonymous said…
the new layout is so sexy
PRENA said…
HAHAAH asis ko comment is sooo funny!

anyways yap, liking all the new things! really good!
Navin said…
ashish, thanks bro

Prena ke bacchi, thanksssssssssssss

finally the blog skin is complete.

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