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Me and My blog's New look for the New Year

Dec 28, 2007 9 comments
Finally Christmas season is over but still New year season is just in front of the door. I really needed a change, change in terms of my blog's look. And,it was kindda boring to see the same common outlook whole year. I was trying to find new Look for new year. I stumbled into many sites and links for the new skins but couldn't find one that could satisfy my need. And, i didn't have time to learn and design my own theme. Finally, i found a new skin suitable for my need. I'm 'blue' lover and it's been favorite color for whole life and it still is. The most noticeable thing about this skin is abundance blue. It gives me some sort of internal sense of pleasure and relaxation. For me, blue is normally an emblem of peace,calmness and serenity. Since my nature as a human being resembles much to those attributes i just mentioned, i'm unknowingly related to this color and i'm glad that i chose this skin,customized it the way i want and thanks Erica Akira, who did this wonderful job of putting such nice skin on web.

Unluckily,.. wrapping up this new skin to my blog had been a tiresome job. It didn't go as i thought. Actually, I backed up my old template as normal process, thought widget backup would be there. So, i installed new template, it warned me, it's going to delete old widgets, i didn't care much and confirmed. New skin loaded, started 'dreamweaver' engine, put my old template backup on it and was just ready to ride on but everything seemed lost. No single information on widget was there on my template backup. I don't know if it's my stupidity or what, i was speechlessly messing around with my empty widgets of my old template. I again uploaded the same old template, thought there would be backup, but no?? actually, all the widgets data had been deleted from the blogger server. There were only empty widgets. I didn't lose hope,i loaded again the new skin after so many unsuccessful attempts because, it was crashing crashing and getting some stupid error message. Finally, had to search web for help and deleted all empty widgets one by one, created new one and had to fill data on it. This time, i did take google's help. 'cache:' took me to my blog's old state from where i downloaded the source of my site and re-entered all the scripts manually one by one. That was hectic.. real hectic. Things don't go as we dream. Do they? Watever, i'm happy that i did go through all the hassles without a worry and panic and finally it's done. NEW LOOK of MY BLOG for NEW YEAR. I'm proud of myself.. hahahaha. just kidding. Don't think please, i patted myself. That would be like being as eccentric as Mr bean.

Since this was my first Christmas, i didn't know much about it but now, after I got lots of gifts, i did know that people give a lot of gifts to each other during this season. I also came to know that people spend much during these days. Though, I didn't give any gifts except my well-wishing since i wasn't much aware of it. I just went invited, dined, enjoyed and lastly, i'm presented with wonderful gifts. Next year, it's my turn to give them my gifts during this season. Thanks everyone.

Few glasses of Red wine and i was mildly but feeling beautiful relaxing dizzyness. Even cold shivering winter turned down and i felt so cozy at that moment. Later in the evening, I did some experiments on my own photographs which were taken the day before. That day, we hiked 4 hours and it was new mountain for me. As usual, i had my digicam with me and had my brother to take strange pictures of mine. Actually, i never intentionally known that i would end up making fun of my own photos this way. But, whatever, i liked the things i did during the wine effect. May be i wanted new look on my overall body too. It's New year behind the door.

Some people often wonder why on earth some guys like me carry camera all the time? simple, i love shooting. You never know what you are going to shoot. I'm always in hunt to catch that extra-ordinary happenings/sights/scenes into my digicam's lens. And, that passion drives me to click on and on. Who knows, i could be taking shot of UFO, or i could be taking shot of 'sex on the beach' or i could be taking shot of ' my own world,my own imagination'..

If you are sick and tired of watching my photos(but this time really strange jeez), please don't look any further below , else most welcome!!!
HIIIIII, my name is Navin the Mr. Elephant

ahem.. please don't' mistake me as X-men's Angel, i recently got this new wings to fly across the ocean. god gift!! you know??

Oh my god!! who's that villain fighting with our Hero Spiderman. Well, that flying guy with the super blaster forcefield on his left hand is non other than..ahem.. NAVFLYDROID22009FXRXDX, myself

Note:Extended view is possible over clicking these images above.

Just in case, if you're wondering where did that song played from, then, it's from here. Accept My apology!!


WaiKee said…
New look for new year huh? I think we have the same interest!! I love blue too but I don't know blue give peace, calmness and serenity :D

Since you had your own domain, why don't you use wordpress to host your blog? If you use wordpress, you doesn't need to delete the old template. Also you can transfer all your previous post to wordpress too

One more thing, you said you like shooting but then seems like you likes to edit photo more than shooting LOL.. just kidding okay
waliz said…
Hi Navin...i like blue and black..tht explain why i choose black as my background in my blog...

nice story u got here..finally and lucky u to settle all the mess..if me i might give up...hahaha
Anonymous said…
Blue is my favourite colour too. Really love this new look, Navin. Great template too. I think I'm gonna change mine too. You're right, it's kinda Boo-Ring to see the same common outlook whole year.

I got a question for you, Navin. With my brand new domain name, can I bring all my posts to this new blog? How about my feed subscribers? How do I redirect from my old blog to this new blog?

Then, how about my subscription with PayPerPost and the rest? Can I still post a review for them using my new domain name? Gee, so many questions going on in my head right now. I hope you can help me out here. At least to make something clearer.

I thank you in advance.

Greetings and lots of love from Malaysia.
PRENA said…
sabaiko favourite colour blue! lol

anyways very nice pictures.
ani you're having such a good time there ke! soooo unfair!

ok ma sutnu gaye aba
pai pai!
Navin said…
merdurian, thanks for your words. Yeah, i do have a blog running on Wordpress at
it's just that i wanted to keep up with blogger things too and besides, didn't wanted to lose my page rank. We have more control over wordpress than bloggers, because, we can virtually manipulate anything on wordpress database..and at bloggers?? we can't but i recently downloaded all my post,image and url links with Blogger Backup tool in xml format and it's not hard for me tinker around with things like that. I just want to keep my feet on both side :)

Hi Waliz, hahahaha, yeah, was very hectic process and i managed. i fixed couple of more things too.. old browsers not rendering my site properly.. Wow, your favourite colors are good :)

ArahMan7, Thank your for your words. I really appreciate that. Yeah, with new domain name, you can merge it with your existing But i doubt you've to change your RSS address to not to I advice you to use's feed service. It's standard now a days for RSS feed

Yeah, because, as soon as they hit/ping your old, it will be redirected automatically to your new That's the magic of google's DNS. :) Don't worry about that.

and Arahman, keep visiting my friend.



I know yours is Pink. hahahaha. Prena..Blue and Pink is good combination ni hoina ra?
Sutera utha , ani mukh pani dhunu ani Mirror ko agadai Ek ghanta time na lagau.. egegege
Anonymous said…
Navin . Cool theme man . In the first glance i thought you changed your host and moved to wordpress . I like wordpress than blogger personally .

Btw happy new year
Navin said…
Hem, long time so see, dude.. oh yeah. i changed the theme.. and i love both of them, blogger and wordpress :)
Anonymous said…
Hey Navin,, I was freaking busy at office work.. and more to add on it i didn't have internet connection .. i had applied for a high speed internet connection ( 2mbps ) plan.. it took more than 2 months.. but it was actuallly me being busy i couldn't be active in my online world .. but now i am ok... Happy new year man..
Navin said…
Hem, oh. that's sad but happy to hear that you got new hi-speed connection. best of luck man and waiting to see you posts often.. and happy new year to you too dude..

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