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Microsoft has surprises : SilverLight and IE8

Dec 21, 2007 3 comments
Microsoft's main focus for 2008 would be SilverLight and IE8.
And the recent news about IE8 passing ACID 2 TEST is creating lots of hypes/expectations among IE fan and equally among other users. How would IE8 be? What is ACID 2 Test? The people in the picture below are the IE8 developer team. They've answers for most of the queries.
And, SilverLight?? this is Microsoft's launch against FLASH content on web. One may assume, Microsoft is daring to become strong competitor against FLASH. Flash has taken 95% of web market? will Microsoft be able to exist? Time will tell us.

(Those IE8 developer team were Interviewed. Click here for their interview video.)

But for now, i didn't find anything new in Silverlight. I tried Silverlight and it just allowed me to play and pause only. Silverlight has lot lot more to improve. Actually, i came to know about Silverlight from this site I've been a huge Jackass movie fan and i regularly check their site and i found they're endorsing use of Silverlight. So, what more? i installed and watched their Latest movie Jackass 2.5(christmas gift) for free using SilverLight. And, sad part!!! this offer is only for US citizens. Sorry guys, you can plea to them. Besides, JACKASS movie could be VERY VERY VERY offending for lots of people out there. PLEASE BE INFORMED that, don't dare to check that movie unless you are persistent viewer of any kind of movies.


deepa said…
प्रिय साथी, कृप्या उन लोगो का भी कुछ सोच लिया कारो जिनकी कम्पुटर के विषय मे जानकारी कम है। अपनी भाषा को जरा सरक किजिए।
Anonymous said…
नबिन जी ,
भाईरस नै हो जस्तो लाग्छ , मेरो कम्प्युटर लाई पनि खुब दु:ख दिएको थियो ।
तर मंगलम्यान ले solve गरिदियो ।
Navin said…
deepa, next time, i won't talk much tech and surely will put some interesting things about me,my life and other people,culture,things,gossips.. :) keep checking

Aakar ji, Mangalman mitra ley nikai nai ramro kaam garnu bho j hos.. ma mero blog ma unlai chadai nai review garchu

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