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My First Kiss

Dec 12, 2007 9 comments
I was feeling different that day. It was not like that i had never been out with a lady before but still she was different. It wasn't even a date actually. I just asked if she would like to visit me in the afternoon at my workplace and we could maybe go out for a coffee. I never thought that she would say yes until she gave a thumbs up. Most of the gurls i dated before were blind dates whom i met over the net and they never contacted me after 2 or 3 dates. But oh yeah with her it was a different story. I can never forget the first time we met. I was returning from my college and she too boarded the same mirco bus as mine. She was lilttel freaky because she sat down beside me and she was breaking her fingers and talking to herself. For some unknown reasons i was kindda amazed with this somewhat stupid act and i said " You look beautiful when you talk to yourself" . I dont know how she had felt but i did see her cheeks getting red . Before she got off she handed me a cheat and as i opened the cheat there was her number.

I called her and so started our relationship over the phone but we had not met after that day. I was dressed as usual but unlike before i was concerned about my looks. I was too exicted and anybody who saw me could tell. She arrived at around 1:30 and we went to a nearby coffee shop for a coffee. Finally she broke the silence " Lets go somewhere ". Not knowing what to say i replied "Where????". "Anywhere you want to take me " she said. Where would i probablly want to take here . Seeing me silent for a minute "Godawari Garden????" she asked. I nodded like a small boy and so godawari it was and a half day for me.

I never had to worry about the conversation because she took care of what to say . We were discussing every sort of stuffs form silly " What did you have for luncha today?" to serious matters of life. It was already getting dark , she looked at her watch and said "We should get going, getting late" . It was already 6:30 and we had to go back home though both of us wanted to stay there forever. While returning she asked me to stop the bike. I did and asked why. She asked " When are we meeting again?". As stupid as ever before i replied "I dont know".

She said " You can kiss me if you want". Shoked i was because out of nowhere came the kissing thing. I thought she was joking until she said it again " I know you want to kiss me". Yeha i did but i never expected her to put it that way. While i was thinking she had already closed her eyes and brought her face near to me. I was confused but still her lisp acted like a magnet and in no time i was kissing her. Our kiss lasted for almost tow minutes when we noticed that people passing by were giving us strange looks. "You are a good kisser" she said. I laughed.


deepa said…
Wowwwwwwwww. Yeah no one can forget there first kiss, first love.
Navin said…
Speed bro, you've written it beautifully. i really liked the writings..I'd love to read more of a stories like that. It's bit entertaining and really something which makes me read and read.
Anonymous said…
I picture you in the song "first date" by blink-182 you should listen to it, I am damn sure you're gonna like it
Kira-sama said… comment...wait i do have one...hehe...umm...i like how she was blunt xD how old were u when this happened? just curious...
Nirab Pudasaini said…
Well , just my imigination . Never been kissed before . ;)

Thnak You guys for the comments.

BT bro maybe i will be writing some more
Navin said…
bro, waiting for next story !!! :)
Anonymous said…
Speed bro is good at writing keep it up bro.i liked it
Anonymous said…
speed ji, Yasto bhola bhala bhanna bhayena ni..Not only Good imagination but also nice writting but you have pretended yourself too SOJHHO...Can i make remake of it adding my imagination too...????? because i loved my(your) first kiss..
Nirab Pudasaini said…
ok bro you can modify it ........ me waiting for the remake .........

I am SOJHO though ....... Well depends on how you define sojho ........

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