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Where were I?

Dec 7, 2007 6 comments
Well, trying to set up a new site. needs feedback it's
it's 1 am , i've to sleep now, please keep in touch.

I was reading(not finished yet) a book, something related how to figure out what really the body languages mean and what do they imply. As i kept reading on and on, i have gotten ideas on those issues and i became more and more enlightened. At one time, i stumbled upon the notion of SPACE and different types of SPACE people care about instinctively without knowing what they are up to. I stopped and tried to analyze myself and found whatever the book has written, most of them were true. Amidst this friction of my thoughts, something sparked in the twilight of my wild imagination and triggered me to utilize the space that i've been parking. Well, coming to the point,i had registered a domain around a year ago. Had I not read this book, i would have just left that domain unused as it was. It's the book showing me how to utilized everything,everyspace you own. So what? my nuts-and-bolts of my mind started to whirl and i finished everything from setting up the interface/putting adsense script/customizing templates/filling with contents/writing pages within few hours late night. It was wonderful experimenting with this new domain. Wearily i could just write only two lines(at top) yesterday(which is strike-out now).

Anyways, without any more blah blah blah, Hop in(if you are interested) to check what was i cooking yesterday till late night.


Hem Acharya said…
Cool.. hows wordpress then
Unknown said…
It's a new blog right. the layout is cool/ logo is cool too. u must be busy filling it with posts. best of luck bro.
Navin said…
Hem sir, i'm definitely liking wordpress. it's great and plugins make this thing more likeable.

ashish bro, yeah, i'm busy thinking which keywords to put to draw searchers attention on the web.
Anonymous said…
is then another blog of yours? cool! Tech News from Nepal!!
Anonymous said…
so u got inspired by a book to use all the space that you had. I got inspired by a young boy to use all the domains i had :lol:

instead of -> -->> would be cool.
Navin said…
Ashish, thanks for the suggestions :)

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