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Flickr is having a massage

Jan 13, 2008 6 comments
I was about to check the referral image to Flickr and when i tried to open, Flickr is like having a massage. Ha ha ha, what a humorous way to make people feel good even if they don't see their photos hotlinking to their sites/blogs.

This downtime normally won't last more than an hour(may be few hours) to my knowledge and i was fortunate enough to experience their downtime. Whatever, it just made me laugh when i saw that ' Flickr is having a massage ' ha ha ha. what an imperative way of implying they are having technical difficulties/server maintenance/data center moving blah blah blah.

Whatever, i liked their idea. what do you say?


yaya said…
i think my blogsite need a massage and the owners blog nee a massage too. lol.
Navin said…
ha ha ha ha, you are right..everyone needs massage but never knew that flikr needs massage too..
WaiKee said…
yea I agree "Flickr is having a message" instead of server maintenance. Nxt time I should have similar kind of idea to tell my readers when I was away from blog for few weeks lol
Navin said…
hahaha.. Vickie.. may be you could come up with even brilliant idea than Flikr's to imply server maintenance
Anonymous said…
and it should have been flickr..???
Navin said…
Anon, Thank you for your finding.
I made correction. Thanks a lot.

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