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My consolidated views on Gaming History

Jan 21, 2008 10 comments
Be it kid or old, everyone loves games. No matter how professional they are in their field or to which extent they pretend as mature or grown up, there is a kid always inside who become kid with their kids playing games. Do you remember playing Pacman or say Tetris for hours? What about Super Mario in Mushroom Land? These are my all time favorites which just run fine on my cellphone's game emulator, now. Just trying to recall how these wonderful games have been developed overtime.

I grew up playing mario on NES system then. Gradually, the 8 bit gaming changed to 16 bit ,to 32 bit and so. When I recall those days, it really makes me feel go back to that time and have fun again,whatever..

..In 1952, A.S. Douglas created the first graphical computer game. It was a version of Tic-Tac-Toe , programmed on the EDSAC vaccum-tube computer, which had a cathode ray tube dsiplay. It wasn't truly a computer game but William Higginbotham created what might have been the first vdeo game, in 1958. His game, called 'Tennis for Two', was created and played on a Brookhaven National Laboratory oscilloscope.

In 1972, the first commercial home game system was launched the Magnavox Odyssey, by Magnavox, in the US. Designed by Ralph Baer , the first commercial video game console that could be used in home, the Odyssey, was released by Magnavox in 1972.

The first arcade video game that used vector graphics instead of a raster diplay was Space Wars. The game was released in 1977.

In 1978, Atari Football became the first arcade game to use a track ball.

The first computer book to sell one million copies was 101 BASIC computer games. It was published in the US by Creative Computing in 1978.

The Mattel Intellivsion was released in 1980, and was the first 16-bit home game console.

On JUne 17, 1980, Atari's 'Asteroids' and 'Lunar Lander' were the first two video games to be registered in the copyright office.

Did you know 'Tetris' had sold over 40 million copies worldwide , since it began in 1982. That comes to $800 million in revenues!(gulp) yeap, that's true. Back then, it rocked. And, later the same game as the first software to be imported form the Soviet Union to the US was Tetris, developed in 1985 by Alexey Pazhitnov.

In 1981, Shigeru Miyamoto, guided by Gunpei Yokoi, made the first game for Nintendo starring Mario, which was previously the arcade game Donkey Kong. And, Mario, one of the best known video game characters, was named after Nintendo's landlord.

Listen to this cool Mario Theme song and be nostalgic.
Extraordinary performance by ZackKim

If you are wondering about the word Nintendo, then it is composed of three Japanese Kanji characters, Nin-ten-do. These character can be translated into "Heaven blesses hard work". Cool eah?? I bet you didn't know this before.

Gunpei Yokoi was the creator of the Game Boy and Virtual Boy. He worked on Famicom, the Metroid series, Game Boy Pocket and did extensive work on the system we know today as the Nintendo Entertainment System.

PacMan got its name from the Japanese word "pacu", meaning "to munch". Since "pacu" is pronounced the same same as "f... you", only with a 'p' sound, its name was changed to "pacman"

In 1988, Sega entered the video game market with Genesis, which was called MegaDrive in Japan. The console, with 16-bit processor, was the first to challenge Nintendo's monopoly.

Nintendo started its enterprise in 1889, when the great-grandfather of the current Nintendo president, Fulsajiro Yamauchi, founded Nintendo Koppai, which made special playng cards called Hanafunda ("flower cards").

Sega released Sonic the Hedfehog in 1991 as a direct response to Nintendo's super NES gaming system.

Microsoft's Flight Simulator became the best selling PC game of all time after its release in 1993.

The first 32-bit home video game system was the Panasonic 3DO released in 1993.

Sony released a matte black version of its Playstation in 1997, which enabled programmers to create their own video games in the C programming language. It was called Net Yaroze.

The Sega Dreamcast, released in 1999, was the first console game machine to sport a 128-bit architecture.

Did you know that an estimated 1 lakh copies of the playstation game Tiger Woods 99 were recalled after The Spirit of Christmas, a clip in which Jesus Christ and Santa Claus get into fistfight over the true meaning of Christmas was discovered in a hidden file on the CD-ROM? The recall was necessitated due to the fact that the clip was unauthorized and was full of expletives.

Playstation 2 hit the shelves in Japan on March 4, 2000 and sold 98000 units in four hours.

Rest we all know, Wii,PS3 and XBOX 360 live?? they are swirling in the market now. Time will tell us in coming days, which of these is the record breaker and all time favourite.


waliz said…
i dont play game much but i do know mario and packman...hehehe..the latest games are too sophisticated for me to play...:D
Anonymous said…
yea you remind me since I was young, I have a Tetris portable game. After that, played Super Mario. Mario is much more better than Sonic that created by Sega

and now, I love Nintendo DS too. Nintendo DS really attracted me and other girls as well
Navin said…
oh yeah, after those old days games,
these days, my favorite is Real time strategy games only :)
Navin said…
Hi, Never knew that part of yours, Vickie.. thanks for letting me,
did you check the Mario Theme song on this very page,.. ain't that cool enough to make one go nostalgia
Anonymous said…
Navin Brob tyo mario theme sunara ta mali bachha ko yaaad aaryoo !!!!
Navin said…
Ho yaar, ha ha ha ha.. same here, I also got nostalgic with that mario theme bro..
I think we are somehow attached to gaming since childhood
Anonymous said…
heyaa....but i don't like games........
Anonymous said…
aiks I normally turn off my speaker
Navin said…
Aakar?? hora?? how come..
Navin said…
Vickie, lol.. turn on sometimes though :)

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