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My nonsense rants on something sensible or may be not!!!

Feb 5, 2008 3 comments
Today, I made couple of unique posts not here but to my another blog. It was not much of a concern for others but it did draw my attention.

Windows 7 beta!!! what the heck.. People are just not yet ready for Vista and now, Windows 7 beta?? You can have this read, here and there is a video of Windows 7 beta too. Don't you believe?

Microsoft is releasing Vista SP1 by the end of this month Feb and they are throwing grand party near the place I live , yeap, Los Angeles. What else they are doing, click here, its again on my another blog. Sorry for referring you guys to my another blog but it is worth of visit. And, there is no sense typing the same story here again..

Wow Wow Wow, I know most of us know what is CMS(content management system)? if you've used PHPNUKE or XOOPS then we know, what is it. Have you heard of Plone?? this free opensource CMS is being used by huge corporates and you can try for yourselves and own one for free. Lets get ready!!!

And , if you are fallen in love, may be you don't want to miss this kind of love.

Thank you for reading..


yaya said…
truthfully navin, your blog is so different. i mean, very informational.hee.
waliz said…
ths is the first time i ever heard of windows 7 beta....thanks for sharing it wth let me see wht its all about...:D
Navin said…
yaya, thanks :)

Waliz, sure, what do you think let me know? :)

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