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What's going on with my blog??

Feb 15, 2008 7 comments
I'm not drunk but writing something like sort of. Did you check the poll that I've put(ahmm at the top middle of this blog)??

Who's going to Win, Democrat or Republican? Wait.. if you are thinking of giving damn care about the politics,then i've no words. but if you are concerned because, even if you don't live in US, and think this change in US leadership will have global effect, then you are right. So, who's gonna win?? Right now, DEMOCRATS are ahead of Republicans according to the poll running on this blog. Lets have some poll running on this blog. It's just 2 secs to poll.

Hey, few weeks ago, one Italian friend showed up and took my online Interview regarding my blog.
If you are wondering what this blog all about and interview, then here is the LINK IF YOU LIKE TO READ.

And thanks to another friend, featuring my blog on hers. I'm on "5 featured blogs of the day". Here is the LINK IF YOU LIKE TO READ.

This is not an usual post but being bit informal. Have a good time :)

Thanks for reading!!!


Anonymous said…
I don't know who gonna win........but frankly,I've voted democrats....
Navin said…
Thanks Aakar bro :)
Anonymous said…
erm.. I don't know Obama belongs to which party :-/
PRENA said…
Obama belongs to the Democratic Party.

Democrats are soooo gonna win!
I hope it will be Barack!
Navin said…
Hi Vickie, Prena is right.. but Did I mention about OBAMA?? he he.. just asking..
Nirab Pudasaini said…
11 out of 12 would make 91.66 percent ...... humnn and if you add 100 and 9 that would make 109 % so i think there is some mistake ........
Navin said…
Speed bro, you are math genius :) I was thinking same, because, this poll is based on blogger and something like that irritates me too. But lets see how it goes in coming days :)

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