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Feb 13, 2008 2 comments
Few days back, I met Rasna on I got a brief chance to chat with her through Stumbleupon. Actually, she had her website like and as an instinct of stumbler I checked her site. I found it was some sort of search engine in the market and as I was checking it's content, I felt I should write about it. is not an ordinary search engine. It's a search engine whose main objective is to donate it's 100% revenue to those organizations who work on behalf of poor or needy people and society. Rasna told me she works for this non-profit company in Kathmandu. doesn't use it's own proprietary search engine because, it's not much of smartness to invest upon one when there are already big fishes like Google,MSN and Yahoo in the search engine business. That's why and how a German Christian Kroll founded this organization(headquartered in Germany) partnering with Google and using it's search technology. And he's glad to have some helpers around assisting on his virtuous project.

I felt so touched to find out that Christian has helped a lot to my country's men and poor people. As I was reading his blog, I knew a lot about his project. It's really good to write about such project.

I urge you all, please bookmark and please make it as your default search engine. The money they make out of searching, will go to them who is in need of it. You can help uplift the living standard of poor people using this search engine. Besides, you'll get the same relevant search result as you would get from using google, so why not we use, the charitable search engine.

By the way, their project and donation revolves around the following:
* Education
* Development aid
* Equality of rights
* Health care
* Environmental and animal protection
* Promotion of human rights

Thank you for reading.


Anonymous said…
this is not fare navin ji...........yes, it's for charity......and nice.........but wht abt ur search engine....and what abt ur google costum search????..........anyway, thanks for this information.i'm gonna try it.........but does it find anything.......i mean our releated materials.......
Navin said…
We can have same result that we get from Google Search engine.

Because, is based upon Google's Search Technology

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