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How to Start your New Blog

Mar 11, 2008 9 comments
First of all, the short announcement. I'll be also focusing on topics related with BLOGGING. Therefor, 'Blogging Tips' - a new category is just born on 'Category' section. And, I'm starting with 'How to start new blog'. Actually, this post is the answer to my cousin brother's request. I'll be discussing more on blogging things in coming days.

So you want to join in on the blogosphere(blogging community)? Before you get started, there are a few things you should know about blogging. Blogging is a lot like an online journal, where posts are chronologically listed. It's much more dynamic than the typical static websites. I'm sure, one day, there will be a no place for static internet pages. It'll be blogs all around. And, blogging is very very addictive, you are going to love it. There are thousands of bloggers online posting each day. It is a trend that started in 1997 and has continued to grow steadily. If you are interesting in blogging, but have not yet began, read over these things you should know before you begin.

Be Personal

Many times new bloggers are really not sure what to post. They know that their blog is a personal space, but they are afraid to make their posts personal in any way. The best bloggers do put themselves out there via their posts. They will post what’s on their mind and their views or opinions on pressing issues. They may do so in a humorous manner or be quite serious. Sometimes new bloggers are afraid to post their true thoughts because their blog can be commented upon. The fact is however that not everyone will agree with your thoughts and posts, but you should not let that hold you back. These are the people who don’t personally know you, so their comments really don’t matter much anyway. Don’t be afraid to let your true feelings show on your blog, after all, that is what an online journal is all about. Write on whatever topics you like. You'll have your own niche audience which is good.

But don't Be Too Personal

Although it is fine to be personal in your posts, you might not want it to be too personal in how much you disclose about yourself. For example, including your phone number or address in a post or on your profile is probably not a good idea. You should think smart and only allow people to know things that you want them to know. For your own safety, you might not want to post your last name either. When someone has a lot of information about you, it is easier for them to victimize you through identity theft, harassment, or other crimes. So, stay safe and never post really private information. But, I don't care. You are new so, you must learn this basic rules before starting up.

Use pseudoname if you could

When you are posting, and keeping it personal and real, there can be times in which other people in your life come up in topic. Be very careful including other people in your posts. First, never use their real names. This is a huge mistake. Unless the person gives you permission to write about them, you should never do so. It will only lead to trouble. If the person you mention reads your blog, they could get offended that you are writing about them. Even if the post is positive, it can be seen much like talking behind their back. Try to keep the posts about you or celebrities or other public figures. Let everyone else’s business remain their own.

Regularly update your blog

One of the best things you can do as a blogger is to keep your blog fresh. This means that you should be posting often and changing things around when doing so. Post on different topics so your audience can stay interested. Also, post at least twice a week. People who will become fans of your site will want to read as much as possible on your blog. Updating your blog regularly will allow them to be entertained. If you only post once a month, chances are no one will remember to keep checking your blog and your traffic will not be impressive.

Start blogging for free

Before you pay an arm and a leg for a blogging space, you should know that there are sites where you can blog for free. Yes, for no charge at all you can set up your own blog. These sites are great for the new blogger. If you want something a little more sophisticated, you might have to pay for it. The free sites are very well maintained however. They are easy to use and offer several different templates for you to use when designing your blog. They automatically update your posts for you, which make them a breeze! Remember, you should not pay a large fee for your blog, especially if you are new to blogging. My urge for my new readers is to start something with free blogging platform and when you get enough experience and know how blogging works, you can move to more professional paid platform.

As per individual interest, there could be many choices where to start from. I want you to start blogging at (there are others too)

Think of a name of your blog, A suitable Title and focus on your topics that you are going to write on. People won't be interested to read only and only your perosnal rantings, they'll be interested to learn what skill you possess. Show it through your blog. More you write on topics of your interests, more likely your impression would be left and more you would be able to leave impression, more likely people want to read your personal rantings. That's how blogging dynamics work.

So, start your first blogging career, with, but before that, I urge you to create an email at . It is because, with gmail account, you can sign in to That'd be lot more easier. Joining is one of the most easiest thing to do. Do it NOW. Don't think of tomorrow. Do it now.

If you follow the steps that I've mentioned above, you are on the wagon to blog world. By any chance, should you have any questions, let me know. Happy blogging!!!

Thank you for reading

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Guest said…
wow its really good news for new bloggers we can starts from here. what's next i am Excited to know it (*_*) cheers.....
Navin said…
I'm writing on :) Please keep waiting ehehe but not so very long
Anonymous said…
first of all thanks for really did show me the clear picture about blogging......those is it really necessary having gmail ?
isn't keeping your picture on the blog somehow getting too personal......well anyways what's the next step after logging on to think you also mentioned about some software to work along while blogging (if my memory recollection is right)..........isn't it bro?????

Navin said…
gmail and blogger, they both belong to Google, that's why, you've to sign in with gmail, it'll be lot easier for you.

it's blog, it's personal, that's why I put my pictures here occasionally

Regarding software, lets forget it now. Start with it's way easier for you.
Anonymous said…
While talking abt we also have to keep focous on adsense too. I am too confused to adsense referral. Will you plz give some light on it. I don't think referral is only for some specified text and image products. I saw somewhere that if you referred someone who earn $ 200 per month, you can get $100(may my data be wrong, try to catch the motto of saying). I didn't get the meaning and at the same time it was saying google has annouced that the referral must be from the continent North, South America or Japan. Uh, I didn't understand. And it may be true too, my adsense content are earning while adsense referral and search are not. PLZ do some light in clear and simple way.
Anonymous said…
May my understaning toward adsense be wrong so i have given the link to you so that you could understand it clearlly. You are genius Bro, if we don't talk to you openly then with whom do we talk ??? haina ??? Navin Bro. Whenver i feel any uncomfortable i am without any hasitation going to ask to Mero Guff. I hope all guys will do the same as i am doing.Article bro through article vanera bhani raknu ta pardaina parchha...??? Article should be in clear and simple way so that all do understand abt adsense referral. I am using my right of blogging. It;s my right to ask you. Haina ????
Navin said…
Ametya Ji, sorry to reply you late,

lemme laugh at first.. ha ha ha ha ha... you are right, I should stop responding friends comment with whopping big articles.. I could give it as a comment response.

If i refer you to use google adsense, then, I'll get $100 as well when you make your first $100. So, it's that simple.

ANd really thanks a lot for your comment saathi..

ametya said…
Ummm, tit for tat. I know Mero Guff can't break reader's heart so brutly. SO, Ametya is not going to trust you. I know Navin is famous and is a junction for all blogger only because of his good and nice response toward commentators. I also know that you will never be stopped yourself translating commentator's request in to a good article.

So, as i didn't sucess to make fool to you so you also didn't sucess to make me fool. If you are serious in the above writting that you would stop writting articles in commentator's request then, god promise i will kill you. Navin ji..

btw, why did you laugh ???
Navin said…
Cos, you couldn't fool someone who's been attempted since this very morning to be fooled. That's why.. and hey, yeap, thanks, i won't stop writing articles on readers request on comment.

Thanks buddy

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