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Navin, Niku and a bottle of a SOJU beer

Mar 11, 2008 10 comments
First of all, this is one of a post of it's own kind. And, secondly, I want to thank my friend Ametya for finding a girl for me(you proved to be a real matchmaker dude, I owe you bigtime), whose name is Niku. And, thirdly, I didn't know that I would be the subject of gossip. Fourthly, thanks for the beer love, courtesy: nice to meet my new found friend Max at

Now, Me, My new girl Niku and bottle of a beer. This is so far so great experience in my life time. I didn't know you guys were gossiping behind my back like this:

Speed : I didn’t digested that. I know Navin before you guys all. Undigestable.
Aakar : But I digested that as I have saw status committed in his hi5 profile.
Roopesh : Who is this Navin Lama ?
Ametya : Well, Navin is a techno man and is a junction for all we bloggers and he, though Buddhist, is marrying a hindu girl named Niku.
Roopesh : means sucks yar. My brother had to leave home only due to intercast.
Basanta :शादी करके फसगया यार अच्छा खासा सा कँवारा….

Waliz : If he did marriage, then i am sure his speed in blogging will be down.
Samir : What ? then to whom do I take techno tips ?? Hey god, plz postpone his marriage until I feel myself as a perfect.
Aakar : Don’t worry yar. We all do help to each other…ookeey..I do thinking to write an article abt marriage of a blogger.
Speed : Whatever you do write, but mind it, sex is mine category. Navin’s first sex night will be flashed by me in my blogsite.
Waliz : I do write an article abt male, female relation and their requirements.
Basanta : My article will be focused to side effects of marriage as i know what they are.
Samir : What do i write ? Ummm…Uhhhh….
Roopesh : Interference in Intercast will be my article title.

Ametya : Hey guys, you all are thinking when Navin will do marry and write an article related with that while i have written before any happening. Isn’t that mean this blogger is ahead in blogging ??
Waliz : धक्कु नलगाउ, साथी (Don’t be over smart, my friend.)
We all : Hey, Waliz ! you in Nepali ?
Waliz : Navin is in parallel in phone. It’s his word and is saying that yes he has searched a beautiful lady and the below is her picture.

(Picture?? where is her picture?? Oh my God, how did you get her picture and Ametya Ji, you posted her picture on your post?? that's too much revelation of my personal life..)

And regarding beer?? How did i started drinking beer?? I was all about WINE, fine french Red Wine!!! I don't even remember the exact date, I was sick and tired of waiting for some vehicles to pass by and get hitchhiked but someone came out of no where on such a no traffic zone and gave me a free bottle of beer, I gobbled it thinking it's a mountain dew. , I only knew it's a SOJU beer after throwing up for non-stop 15 minutes and consciously seeing around more than 10 SOJU bottles that I had already gulped to quench my thirst, once again thinking it was mountain dew. I was driven back to most populated city, lots of traffic, I was overwhelmed and quite happy too. Don't you guys believe my story...???

Then, read about a guy who gave me SOJU beers,gave me a ride to high traffic area. Read his post clicking link below, Now you'll believe me(check his full video, he mentions about me somewhere in the video:burps:):
Click Me!!! Yay!! I'm Hoppin! Hoppin!!!

Okie, my friends, right now, I'm too drunk, see you tommorrow :) ehehehe :pukes:pukes:

Thank you reading my post :)


waliz said…
both of u are amazing...i'm glad to know u guys...very creative, intelligent and gentleman too...i wish i can speak nepali now...hehehe...
Navin said…
waliz, ha ha ha ha.. Ametya Ji already found me a girl, he already made you talk Nepali.. ehehe.. isn't that cool :)
Anonymous said…
wow changed my article in your own way. nice to see that. holding stone in my heart i have given that name, niku, to you. I think you are still remembering the name, niku, in my first kiss article. so, rare to find such a blog friend who gives his gf's name(but imagination)to someone else...he..he..

n for the roopesh and basanta link i have already given their link in check the link, below the article.
though they are,
Navin said…
Thanks for the update, Ametya Ji and regarding this article.. ummm you can say " it's influenced by influential people like you " ..

bro, sorry for using name Niku and creating post on this name, my only motivation is to use it only in the context of this abstract article. I'm forced to write this article because, your post was pretty influential, I got inspired and hence this is the post.

btw, I do have my lovebird in real.. for god sake :) ehehe.
Anonymous said…
so lucky girl she is that she got you..i did an imagination that you are doing intercast in my article..did that also match ???? I would be too teribly asthonised if it she from your own cast or frm another ? sorry i m entring in ur total personnel things...but just a curisity to know was my imagination right or nt ??
Guest said…
This weak I am quite a busy in my college assignment, so don’t get a time to check the blogs. With in these six days lots of changes happen around my blogging surroundings I had missed lot of thing to read I am little bit surprise at first what’s going on…….. After reading it what a great creativeness you guys have wow. I have to do lots of thing , (*_*) thanks god my friends are with me who always help me. O one thing how to enable emotions on blog post.
Any way congrats for thinking about marrying with niku. ani when we get invitation. hahahahahahahah
Anonymous said…
hahah .. thats was nice piece.. by the way ur characters are interesting including me..hahah keep it up...
Navin said…
Ametya Ji, you can assume so..
and it's not Intercast too. :) How about yours bro??
Navin said…
Hi Sameer, thanks for your wonderful comments and regarding the emoticons, I uploaded some free images to my own server and used HTML tag to connect it to my blog posts. Pretty tiresome job right?? but that's what I do. never provides Emoticons on their platform if you were thinking, it's blogger's feature. Nope.

Lol.. Niku..
Navin said…
Hi Roopess bro, credit goes to Ametya ji.. :)

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