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"Your AdSense account needs verification.... message." - What does this message mean in Blogger Dashboard??

Apr 21, 2008 2 comments
Few days ago, as I was checking my blogger dashboard, I got message like this below:

" Your AdSense account needs verification. Please check your email for the Google AdSense Verification message. "

That scared me for some possible threats like if my adsense account has been changed/accessed by someone or what? I was damn busy and couldn't think much at the moment but what I did was quickly logged into my adsense control panel and hastily started looking for some issues. I didn't find anything special but there was some PENDING messages under

Google Adsense Control panel --> My Account --> Account Access

I use adsense on my blogger blog and so I did click 'Grant Access' for To tell the truth, I did it this very morning. In fact, I thought that message would go eventually but it didn't and I changed the setting so as to give an access to my Adsense Ads, and now its gone. Almost took 12 hours to get rid of that 'Adsense verification message' at the blogger dashboard.


Nisha said…
That was very uselful, info you put here navin:) hope you're doing fine buddy!
Navin said…
i'm doing good and thanks for asking. btw, how are you doing nisha!

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