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Free Call anywhere around the world (It's not a SCAM post)

Jun 26, 2008 5 comments
I've a strange itch to try my hand on useful tech stuffs. This post is all about making free calls around the world. But, before I boldly claim the title of this post as it sounds, I used my mind and after thinking for sometime, I came to this conclusion.

To be true, when I bought this product, I was real skeptical. Hey... wait.. I'm not endorsing anything out here. I actually contacted the company for any endorsement benefits or affiliates marketing bonus but they said they don't have that option for now (why would they need, since it's already so popular). Instead, they wanted me to resell the products and for that I had to buy 50 of their products at minimum, which as an Individual it didn't seem quite practical for me. That was the only option to get some commission. So, I forgot about that..umm.. 50 items.. huh. I usually do valued reviews on products. But, Whatever,this time I thought I should share this wonderful stuff and here I am.

There is a USB plug-in device called 'MAGIC JACK'. Plug in one end to PC USB port and another end should be connected to Handset phone. There is a RJ11 port on this USB device so that you could buy any phone set in the market and plug it into that port. The very next moment, your phone is UP and Running and you can make call all around the world. For now, calls to USA and CANADA is free. One more thing to remember, it uses the broadband Internet connection. So, if you've broadband connection, you are good to go.

Why I needed this type of phone?
Simple, I had to call my clients and talking them on my normal AT&T was way taxing for me when I see my monthly bill. I usually spent time helping them out and I've to spend lots of time on phone. That's why I discovered this stuff.

What about the cost factor?
ummm.. I thought it was uber-high but no. It's just somewhere around $50 when you buy it first inclusive all taxes and shipping cost. Then you pay yearly some $19.95. That's it. I end up paying more than $70/month on my AT&T phone at one time. So, this was not a big deal for me and without a second thought I jumped on it. In fact, I got it free for 30 days. If you are in US, you'll get this MAGIC JACK FOR FREE and if you don't like it after using it for 20 days, mail it back and no money will be charged. That's what I thought to do but as days passed, I didn't really want to mail it back. Now, it's over a month and finally I'm writing a review on it. They charged my card yesterday. All together it was almost 50$(I really hate to read/mention product price like 49.95 or 49.00 fashion)

How's the voice quality and what's the technology being used?
I still remember the days when people used to make calls over the internet and our stubborn government raided on those communication centers as for conducting illegal activities. They saw VOIP as an illegal conduct. Darn those stupids!!! What those people did was giving out cheap calling rates all around the world through Internet and that was hampering Government's revenue on International Calling services. Whatever, it's passe. This was VOIP and it's now being widely used. I came to learn that my government has adopted this new technology on their phone switching stations and they are too giving the same service at competitive price to consumers.

That's a brief role I mentioned about the technology being used. The voice quality is so far so good. Albeit, sometimes I got complain that other side not hearing my voice properly. But after some tune ups(company provides), I didn't have that problem any more.

How did I come up with 'FREE CALL ANYWHERE AROUND THE WORLD...' title??
I'm planning to parcel this stuff to my country. If they've internet connectivity, they can simply hook up, after some time, they'll get their own telephone number which would be in US format. And if I call that number, I'll be charged zero penny for whenever I make call. That's why I thought that way. FREE CALLs to and fro my family.

Now, coming to the point, how does this stuff looks and how it works, lets analyze it.

1. When I ordered 'MAGIC JACK' for free 30-day trials, it came within 4 days. After opening the package, it was how it looked like below:

2. After opening the package, on a foam, I found zippo sized MAGIC JACK USB device along with a very short USB connectivity cable. There is a paper tag stuck with the cable where it's clearly written 'It is not necessary to use this USB extension Cord'. That means we can use any other USB cable to make connection to PC and this VOIP Magic Jack USB device.

3. This is the tiny see-through(you can see the circuitry inside) MAJIC JACK USB device.

4. When you hook it up to the computer for the first time, you'll be shown a message ' ONE MOMENT, PLEASE BE PATIENCE '. It takes some time to self-configure. You'll be then taken to registration page. You've to register yourself to company's database else you won't be able use it any more. So, while registration, you'll be given an option to choose which area code to choose and which number you want from. Once that's done, it'll walk you through in some easy steps. Literally, within 10 minutes, it'll be up and you'll be making your first calls anywhere in USA and CANADA number for free. Finally, you'll be greeted with the screen like this below:

This is the screen from where you'll make phone calls and retrieve voice mails. Oh, you can set up your own voice message in answering mode too. It's one of a cool feature that I like.

If you are thinking that you've to move your mouse cursor to click those numbers to dial, then you are wrong. Just pick up your handset and dial it off the set itself.

5. Once you are registered, up and running, you can access your private control panel which you wouldn't notice normally and may end up thinking that it even existed because it's not mentioned anywhere in the product manual or as such. The following screen is the login page to that private control through which you can buy credits, change email address, change phone numbers and all other things to tweak things about phone.

So, that's it. And, I think these are the things that you should know about this wonderful product, a sensational invention in the world of Internet Telephony. I'm not giving out any links from my page here(I've my own reasons). You can google with a phrase 'MAGIC JACK' and you'll see the first link to their home page. When you visit their page, you'll be greeted with the message of the inventor of MAGIC JACK and his daughter. And, you'll know more about this product in depth.

After bragging so many good things about 'MAGIC JACK', lets come to some negative points too.
It doesn't work independently. You have to have a PC with full-blown broadband connectivity. If you don't have PC with Broadband Internet connection, you can skip this post as a whole. Besides, to receive phone rings, you've to leave your computer ON for ever or whenever you think is necessary. By the way, you'll receive VOICE messages on your email just in case when you missed important calls when you turned off your PC.

One more thing, you'll not be given any sort of LIVE help or support or conversation unless you buy their item and register on their site. You'll be limited only to their knowledge base. To talk to their helpful LIVE support team and exploit other important features, a purchase/registration is a must.

Thank you for reading.


MangalMan said… from nepal+any country in the world to usa for free talk your heart out.Voice quality is as good as you talking with me from thee next room in same house ehehehe use it with ntc ko adsl .
Anonymous said…
The first question that came into my mind after I saw this post....

Does it work in Nepal??
Anonymous said…
I've been using a company called WQN for years now to call to both India and UAE. There are no taxes, fees, or equipment to set up.

The quality is great and the rates are very competitive. They give FREE minutes to their customers all the time with special bonus offers. They also have a loyalty program that gives their customers up to 3000 FREE minutes every 6 months. I'm able to get lots of free minutes to call my destinations with great quality.

Check them out at
Navin said…
Hi Shaxx, comparing my monthly phone bill and the money I spent on my 4 days lunch break, I think somewhere around $50 is a steal deal to have myself call anywhere in US and Canada for free. This is one time investment, the money we spent is for shipping and the device itself. Afterward, it's like a loot to call anywhere in the US and Canada. If I take this to my country and give it to my relatives, just using their broadband, they can call me and I can call them from US to Nepal, albeit,they'll have US phone number. Which I think is not a big deal. :) To be true, it's much better than SKYPE. Skype is a hassle for newbie.

Mangalman bro, thanks for the referral. I'm happy with this MagicJack for now, if it doesn't work, i'll try out your option .. geez

Ashish, definitely, I'm actually planning to parcel this thing to Nepal. As I wrote above, someone in Nepal would have phone number of US. That's it. Rest is clear, it works. MagicJack clearly states on their website that One MagicJack User can call free to another MagicJack user irrespective of geographical boundaries.

Pramilla, i ended up using this MagicJack because I just got fed up of using calling card and it's bullshit pin number.. Pramilla, I've no intention to use those pin numbers any more ..
Nepalien said…
I just had a chance to actually use this product. It is truly a cool concept and I believe we are one step closer towards having one universal telecom.

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