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How to avoid Chain Mails

Nov 12, 2008 3 comments
Have you ever received an email forwarded so many times and asking you to forward the same? Have you not been able to deny and sheepishly forward it? Have you ever received a mail telling you about the outbreak of deadly computer virus, which has actually a solution DIY and want you to forward it to others? Have you ever been enticed of an email which says that You've won certain amount of bucks and wants you to follow exactly the email says, forward it, win it??

Welcome to the world of the Chain Mails. ummm emails. Whoever sends you such email, their only intention is to clutter the bandwidth, back the Urban Legend, or to kill their worthless time to have some fun fooling around with innocent people out there, just like you and me. Well, I'm not that innocent in terms of computing stuffs otherwise, I wouldn't be writing this article who is telling you one or two things about chain mails.

Every time, you get chain mail, the subject of the email is usually followed by.. "FW: FW: Something something blah blah.. "
The only thing to do is to select it and hit that delete link in your inbox. But, if email is so tempting, there is no harm reading it and trashing. I often found that once some people read such emails, and they do forward without a second thought. When I asked them why would they do it, the answer leads me to some sort of social engineering being used. If you are scared of the consequences which these emails threaten you about and quickly forwards them to all in your contact, then I remember a story about a crackpot, you don't need to find him , just go in front of the mirror, THAT'S YOU. Don't be a crackpot, don't care about such chain mails at all. They are not gonna do any harm to you. This is a proven experience. I often get such emails from my contact list, if interesting, I read them but as soon as I see somewhere in the end, there is some sort of message which might be scary at first, like, "if you don't send email to at least 10 people, you'll have bad things happening within 24 hours, " or " if you don't forward, the curse will be upon you " or " if you don't.... someone near/dear will die"...

These people are taking advantage of your goodwill, your innocent instinct, and unnecessarily misusing the bandwidth, wasting your time and once again proving, that you are a big LOSER, FOOL of the Fools. These people make fun of themselves.

Lemme tell you my story, these emails have reached me in different flavors. Some were religious, some were very funny and some were scary stories, some were as lucrative as it could let you feel a millionaire for one second,and if you are Fool enough, you might have that feeling for some days or week before it's shattered to pieces. My point is don't follow them what they say. Just read and trash it. That's it. No harm is going to happen to you or you are not going to loose anything.

If you ever receive any of such so convincing hoaxes/chain emails, try to search it online first. Try the search with the exact email's subject key phrases. Believe me, you won't regret. You'll be astonished to see the results out there.

Furthermore, you can have a look at which is deliberately dissecting all those lies,hoaxes,rumors and urban legends. Take your time sometime, and read this site.

Make this habit, you'll be happy. Don't be fool, don't get scared of such intimidation that you read, don't worry about the consequences, believe in yourself, be logical and one day, there will be no chain mail.

I've found a video on YouTube, this guy looks utterly annoyed by chain mails, and I could see his frustrations and cussing on this video below about chain mails. Check out what he's to say about chain mails(mind his cussing):

So, this post is all about not getting paranoia, frustrated or scared after you read/get them. 'Chillax' and enjoy your precious time.

Thank you for reading my post.


Anonymous said…
Simply ask the user to use Its a great service for preventing chain letters, hoax emails, etc.
Purvi said…
Read your very aptly suggestive, helpful and meaningful post. I too have written something on the same topic and added your link (along with a few more on similar lines) to it for people who need help :

Hope more people benefit after reading & reaching your link :)
justinbryan said…
You are absolutely right that chain mail are really dangerous and disgusting. These days i am getting more frustration from these types of spammy emails. Thanks for your suggestion on right time.

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