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9-Year Old Microsoft Certified Professional

Dec 28, 2008 2 comments
If you've missed my old post on Child Prodigies, I strongly recommend to check that.

This post is all about yet another child prodigy from India. Her name is M. Lavinashree, 9-year older who passed the Microsoft Certified Professional Exam and became the world's youngest Microsoft certified Professional. It is learned that she is now working out for the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Exams.
Back then, when she earned an award for extraordinary recital of Tamil Epic

According to the sources, she is exceptionally brilliant and managed to set couple of records before too like reciting all 1,300 couplets of a 2,000 year-old Tamil epic at the age of 3.

Annoyed and dismayed, some people didn't miss to curse Microsofts curriculum being so easy to beat.

One thing is for sure, this little kid needs practical here and there if she really wants to keep up with what she has earned. Otherwise, it would be nothing more than a memorized degree with zero practicability.

Thank you for reading my post.


Anonymous said…
Amazing news its not easy to pass MCP. You have to work on different papers to pass on this course.
But in which paper has she done her exam for MCP. If it was first and 2nd paper then I bet most talent student of her age can pass this exam.
Navin said…
This girl is confirmed MCP. Passed all papers otherwise she wouldn't be on news.

Anyway, who would know to install Windows XP, configuration, network maintenance at her age and confidently answer those all if that's the easiest questions to answer.

I think this girl has exceptional memorization power that's why she was able to beat the questions and bag the MCP certification.

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